The Pinball Arcade Will Return to XBLA

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
When we last reported on The Pinball Arcade, the overwhelming majority of you had lost hope of this game ever returning to Xbox LIVE Arcade after its delisting in July. We were told in no uncertain terms that you didn't want to hear about this game again. It seems that people gave up too soon. After a lot of legal wrangling, developer FarSight Studios has announced that publishing duties have been passed on to Alliance Digital Media after Crave went bankrupt.

The developer has now submitted all of the content for Microsoft. In the future, Xbox 360 players will be able to download a "massive" title update that includes "all of the latest versions of the tables, all of the releases up to date, and all bug fixes". Once Microsoft has approved the update, FarSight will be able to give us a release date for the game's return. In case you are wondering what you have missed, these are the tables that have been released so far:

Season 1

• Two table add-on pack #1: Medieval Madness (1997) and The Machine: Bride of Pin•Bot (1991)
• Two table add-on pack #2: Cirqus Voltaire (1997) and Funhouse (1990)
• Two table add-on pack #3: Gorgar (1979) and Monster Bash (1998)
• Two table add-on pack #4: Black Knight (1980) and Creature from the Black Lagoon (1992)
• Two table add-on pack #5: Harley-Davidson, 3rd Edition (2004) and Taxi (1988)
• Two table add-on pack #6: Elvira and the Party Monsters (1989) and No Good Gofers (1997)
• Two table add-on pack #7: Scared Stiff (1996) and Big Shot (1973)
• Table add-on pack #8: Twilight Zone (1993)
• Table add-on pack #9: Star Trek: The Next Generation (1993)
• Two table add-on pack #10: Attack from Mars (1995) and Genie (1979)

Season 2

• Two table add-on pack #11: Dr. Dude & His Excellent Ray (1990) and Firepower (1980)
• Two table add-on pack #12: Cactus Canyon (1998) and Central Park (1966)
• Two table add-on pack #13: Space Shuttle (1984) and White Water (1993)
• Two table add-on pack #14: Centaur (1981) and PIN•BOT (1986)
• Two table add-on pack #15: The Champion Pub (1998) and Whirlwind (1990)
• Two table add-on pack #16: Flight 2000 (1980) and Goin' Nuts (1983)
• Table add-on pack #17: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
• Two table add-on pack #18: Tee'd Off (1993) and Haunted House (1982)
• Two table add-on pack #19: Victory (1987) and Class of 1812 (1991)
• Two table add-on pack #20: Cue Ball Wizard (1992) and El Dorado: City Of Gold (1984)

Season 3

• Table add-on pack #21: Fish Tales (1992)
• Table add-on pack #22: Black Rose (1992)
• Table add-on pack #23: Black Knight 2000 (1989)
• Table add-on pack #24: WHO Dunnit (1995)
• Table add-on pack #25: High Speed (1986)

The last table in that list has just been released on many PC, tablet and mobile platforms. Take a look at footage from High Speed.

As we announced last month, the game is also being released for the Xbox One. The game will be launching with the entire Season Two collection of tables. Expect some next-gen pinball action to arrive in the middle of summer.
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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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