Title Update 1.1 Detailed for World of Tanks

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
Developed by Wargaming.net, World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition has received a title update that adds fresh new content to the title including new tanks, new maps, and a whole new crew feature.

'Himmelsdorf' the only detailed map within the patch is a new, mean, tank-ending map, full of menacing buildings and winding streets that will undoubtedly have mechanical threats right around their corners. Dominate and take control of "the eastern hill" first to gain the higher ground on your enemy, or square off against your opponent on level ground within the courtyard part of the map. With long narrow train tracks for those who prefer long-range battling, there's many different combat scenarios on offer within this new map. Check out these screens for a visual taste of what's to come:

WoT Screen 01

WoT Screen 2

WoT Screen 3

WoT Screen 4

With the addition of 'Crews' to the title, players will be able to recruit crew members to help run their tank more efficiently and effectively, making them a more deadly machine to be messed with on the killing fields. Here's more details on the crew system:

When you purchase new tanks, you can recruit partially- or fully-trained crew members, represented by a tank commander in the user interface. By assigning new skills and perks to these crews, you can improve the combat effectiveness of your tank! Crews can be customized to fit your play style by selecting the perks and skils that appeal to your battle technique. The best part: XP earned before the update is accounted for and reflected in the new crew system.
Lastly, new tanks are awaiting operators to take them for a hell-bent spin. Five new tanks, from a wonderful place known as the United Kingdom are showcased in all there metallic-glory, thanks to a healthy number of screens released for us to check out.

These five British beasts roll onto the battlefield:

• Cromwell: a tier VI tank bent on destruction.
• Comet: at tier VII, a force to be reckoned with.
• Centurion I: weighing in at tier VIII, this tank is a blast!
• Centurion 7/1: tier IX, all teeth.
• FV4202: at tier X, this tank is terrifying to the enemy!

WoT Screens Centurion 01

WoT Screens Centurion 2

WoT Screens Centurion 3

WoT Screens Centurion 4

WoT Screens Centurion 5

WoT Screens Pre-product 01


WoT Screens Comet 1

WoT Screens Comet 2


WoT Screens Cromwell 1

WoT Screens Cromwell 2

WoT Screens Cromwell 3


WoT Screens FV4202 01

WoT Screens FV4202 2

WoT Screens FV4202 3

Title update 1.1 is available now for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, and players will be prompted to download the update the next time they start the game if they haven't already.
Credit for this story goes to Anavryn
Ashley Woodcock
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