Transformers: RotDS Releases Bumblebee Information

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Just a few days ago, we were able to show you the first footage of Bumblebee, who has two playable forms in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark: Cybertron and Earth. If you couldn't watch the trailer, or just want some more information about the character, take a look at these new infographics and size chart. If you can't read the text in the article itself, click on the images in the screenshot viewer on the right to open them up to their full size.
Bumblebee Cybertron

Bumblebee Earth

Bumblebee Size Chart

If Bumblebee doesn't take your fancy, perhaps you'd prefer to play as Optimus Prime or one of the other 40+ characters when the game is released for Xbox 360 and Xbox One this summer.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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