Fable III and Kinect Off To A Rocky Start

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
It's long been known that Microsoft are touting Lionhead Studios as being at the forefront of innovative design and creation for their forthcoming project, Kinect (formerly Project Natal).

Fable III was to be one of those top class titles to launch with Kinect support to showcase how there was room for the new technology within existing gaming scenarios. However, speaking to Engadget Show Live, Peter Molyneux has dropped something of a bombshell in relation to this, hitting Microsoft where it hurts.

He revealed that Fable III will not be shipping with Kinect functionality. Joystiq managed to speak to Molyneux following this statement on the live show in the hope of getting clarification as to why this is the case. Molyneux expanded on his previous comment stating that the initial Kinect content planned for Fable III simply wasn't of high enough quality to be released. He also mentioned that Kinect content for the title may be available post release.

Joystiq took these comments to a Microsoft PR spokesperson who was allegedly 'unaware of Molyneux's exact comments'. The spokesperson then informed Joystiq that they were unable to 'discuss what role the hardware will play in the game "at this time"'.

Some will see this as wobbly first step for Kinect even before it's available in the shops, whilst others will hone in on Lionhead's Peter Molyneux for reneging upon earlier statements.