The Golf Club Shows Its Attributes

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
While The Golf Club may be shipping with a selection of golf courses, the game's main feature is the course creator that allows players to create a new course within seconds. While many players will be satisfied with the default options, others will want to make sure that the course is exactly as they imagined it would be. With a large suite of editing tools at your disposal, developer HB Studios has released a series of tutorial videos. Each of the videos focuses on a very specific aspect of the course creator and we've already covered changing the lighting, creating a hole, and how to move greens and tees. The latest tutorial teaches you how to edit fairway attributes:

You can create two-tiered greens simply by raising or lowering part of the green's terrain.

If that doesn't make the hole difficult or easy enough, move the pin too.

The next three tutorials show you how to sculpt the terrain in different ways. Raise the tees, raise the mounds around the green, create hills or flatten the land to suit your preferences.

A golfer's nightmare begins when a ball happens to stray into a bunker. If you wish to be particularly sadistic, you can add more bunkers to your course, or make them deeper.

Of course, striking the ball into the nearest lake would be infinitely worse. While lakes may be the hideout of choice when attacked by hornets, HB Studios has not yet confirmed the presence of the creatures within the game. You can, however, create a lake to hold a friendly crocodile instead.

As well as bunkers and lakes, you can add non-functional objects such as benches, bins, planters and signs.

Finally, if you just don't like the general position of a hole, you can move it in its entirety. It will keep its shape and length but will change depending on the terrain of its new location.

We'll take a quick break from the deluge of trailers and show you some of the latest screenshots to appear from the game. They feature a range of terrains and courses.
20/4/14 Screen 1

20/4/14 Screen 2

20/4/14 Screen 3

20/4/14 Screen 4

20/4/14 Screen 5

To finish today, we have one final trailer that gives a general roundup of what to expect from the title. Take a look at some of the game's other features aside from the course creator.

Recreate your own local golf course when the game launches soon on Xbox One.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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