Defense Grid 2 Details Break Through the Defenses

By Chewie, 4 years ago
We first heard news about the long awaited sequel to popular tower defense title Defense Grid: The Awakening last month, with an announcement feature that included a first look trailer, some screens and some early details of what to expect from Defense Grid 2.

23/04/14 - Screen 1

Today, we follow up that news with a few extra details of what will be coming with the sequel. One important element was to retain a simple pick-up-and-play approach without over-complicating control mapping. As CEO Jeff Pobst of developer Hidden Path states:

Keeping the game fully playable with a single stick and a single button has been a key part of letting everyone easily jump in a play the game right away. As you play further you find additional features that can help you out on the other buttons and stick of the controller, but it's a very simple base control scheme that players find extremely intuitive.
Across 21 levels of tower defending joy, the sequel will include classic Defense Grid features such as Gun, Inferno and Laser towers, but will also introduce new elements such as an enemy path indicator that can be toggled to help plot where best to place your defenses, moveable platforms that will lead to quick changes to strategy and the ability to rotate level views.

Thanks to the enhanced cloud feature of the Xbox One, the game will include a robust statistic system, providing information on how players have done and how they stack up against their previous playthroughs and those of their friends and others on the leaderboards.

Finally, the game will feature co-op modes both online and local, as well as a competitive mode that pits two players against the alien hordes, with the more successful player causing more enemies to attack their opponent.

Defense Grid 2 is due on Xbox One this Fall.
Written by Chewie
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