XBL Content Roundup: April 24th, 2014

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
After yesterday's XBL content resembled a relatively normal XBLA Wednesday, we return to the usual program of "completely random releases" for today. There is achievement-bearing DLC for one Xbox One title and a region-specific Xbox 360 Game on Demand.

DLC with Achievements

The achievements for this DLC were added to xbox.com several days ago, but the DLC was only released today with very little warning. Season Pass holders will be able to download the content in-game for no additional cost. Those who do not own a Season Pass will still have to download the content via your Xbox One console as this content is not available on Xbox.com.

Ryse: Son of Rome
• "Duel of Fates"
Achievements: 5 for an additional 250G + 1 Challenge
Price: US$5.99 or regional equivalent
The downloadable content features two new arena mode round-to-round maps in Invictus and Barbarous, and a survival map simply titled "Island." Players will also be able to access two new gladiator skins for their combatants, both taken from "Ryse: Son of Rome’s" single-player campaign: Glott the barbarian chief, and "Ryse" protagonist Marius Titus.

The maps are loosely based on historical events. The Servile Wars, a series of slave uprisings, inspired the creation of the “Invictus” map. “Barbarous” hearkens back to the numerous barbarian invasions that helped spur the fall of the Roman Empire. In these maps, gladiators are tasked with seizing and holding special landmarks such as the God Tree, lighting wicker men on fire, defending Emperor Nero from harm, and avoiding numerous firetraps and arrow jets. New underground areas link certain stages together, with plenty of thematic and environmental diversity within each map.

Gladiators come to the new survival map, “Island,” already bleeding. The challenge here is to fight off an endless series of combatants, pulling off executions to ensure the restoration of their health. The limited combat space and constantly diminishing health creates a wonderful sense of urgency, and this tension is heightened further by unassailable hwacha raining arrows down on the battlefield. This map demands that players fight without quarter or pause and is, perhaps, "Ryse: Son of Rome’s" most intense offering to date.
Duel of Fates 1

Duel of Fates 2

Duel of Fates 3

Xbox 360 Games on Demand

This game is exclusive to Japan and is highly likely to remain that way. Unfortunately, as TA doesn't support Japanese characters, I'm unable to bring you a game description of Triangle Service's shoot 'em up.

Shooting Love 10th Anniversary ~ XIIZEAL & DELTAZEAL ~
Size: 200.18 MB
Price: ¥3,025
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