Watch_Dogs Hacks into a Preview

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
When players are first dropped into Watch_Dogs, protagonist Aiden Pearce is a small-time hacker. He earns a living by hacking into other people's bank accounts and taking their money for himself. Unfortunately, his life is about to change. One job doesn't work out quite as it should and his six-year-old niece, Lena, is killed. Players take control of Pearce as his hunt for her killer takes him to the May Stadium, a place filled with thousands of people who are watching a playoff game. You must interrogate the hit man to find out what he knows before making your escape. How do you do this? Well, there's always the option to create a blackout at the stadium that sends its occupants into blind panic.

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Players have the option to hack anything through the ctOS system. Gather information, fund your activities and steal cars to help you in your missions. Side missions and mini-games give you the chance to be a vigilante and stop crimes. You can connect to security cameras to observe the entire city if you wish.

While it may be fun to take down security guards or the police, these people aren't just your typical faceless enemies. Every single NPC is a living, breathing person with a history. Do you really want to siphon money from the account of the lady who has cancer in remission? What about the person who has recently been convicted of fraud? The person walking past you makes frequent purchases of action figures; they might have plenty of disposable income. These are your decisions to make as Watch_Dogs tries to make you care. Have a look at the life of a hacker through the eyes of the Ubisoft Montreal development team.

To make the hacking seem authentic, the development team brought in Vitaly Kamluk, the Principal Security Researcher on the Global Research & Analysis Team for Kapersky Lab in Russia. In simple terms, he, and his team of the best hackers in the world, investigates cyber crimes. Through Kamluk, players will see accurate monitor screen displays — the small details that aim to add a touch of realism. Some of the things that players can do in the game already happen in his native Russia.

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If you get bored of gaming on your own and feel like some multiplayer action, drop into the multiplayer modes. Take a look at this nine-minute demo of just some of these modes.

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I'm afraid that hacking into Ubisoft's files will not make the game come any sooner, so instead you'll just have to wait until May 27th when the game is released on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
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