New Details for Lords of the Fallen

By Cindy Minguez, 4 years ago
In a recent blog, Tomasz Gop, Executive Producer at City Interactive, gives us some details for their upcoming RPG Lords of the Fallen. Gop, best known for his work on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, explains how they're trying to make the game complex enough that it's accessible to more casual players while still appealing to the hardcore:

I have seen my share of challenging games, and I loved a whole lot of them. And honestly speaking, I could never put up with so many people that quit playing them early. But I’ve come around full circle to the point where I don’t see their impatience as a shortcoming anymore. There’s room for improvement in game design.

The legends begin with humanity defeating their god a thousand years ago; evil can be wiped out entirely by humanity if the job is finished. If that's all one cares to know to proceed, then that's all that's necessary. If, however, one wants to know all of the details (as many RPG-ers do), then information in abundance can be found if one simply looks for it. For example, a codex of human evil has been made, and anyone who breaks the taboo laws is known by a tattoo on the face. Lore takes the form of audio files that are scattered throughout the world. Cinematics are saved for introducing major characters and events, and user interface and HUD are kept largely unadorned.

When it comes to the combat system, we’re giving it as many sub-systems and dependencies as we want. Elemental damage? Sure, we’ve got quite a bit of that. Crafting? Of course — weapons, shields, and armor. Attribute weapon scaling? Just make sure you pick the right one. Do weapon move sets vary? Yup, with damage, speed, distance, types of combos, and attack chains. But bear in mind that there’s still a lot they have in common, so once you’ve learned that any attack initiated straight out of an evasive roll gives you that extra bit of distance and stability, you naturally apply that knowledge across all weapons.

There will be things tightly bound to a particular gear item, like perks, as well as universal features that work anytime and anywhere — like perfect timing for attacks, or charging. Bottom line: challenging games can be so much fun if they’re served up well. Meaning, the players can choose their own pace for learning the core mechanics.
The game begins in a monastery where the main character, Harkyn, and his mentor arrive to investigate demonic activity. What's interesting here is that not only may one get the human perspective, but wandering into the demonic realm will explain the demonic perspective, as well as an explanation of why they do the things they do.

The last tidbits Gop drops for players is that the game will have multiple endings as well as a New Game+ feature. He gave no specifics on either. Perhaps that will be forthcoming soon.

Lords of the Fallen is expected sometime this fall.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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