State of Decay Lifeline DLC Details

By Chewie, 4 years ago
So far for State of Decay's upcoming DLC "Lifeline", we've heard some snippets of information about the stranded soldier squad based package along with more details about each squad member. Today, we bring you more information about one of the new locations that the DLC will be based in, a strip mall that the soldiers have jokily called "Black Friday" because the crowds of zombies clamouring to get in resemble ravenous consumers on the notorious shopping day. A nod to Dawn of the Dead's satire, perhaps?

The Greyhound One squad soon begin using "Black Friday" as a base of operations thanks to a parking lot that can double as a helipad, highway access to other areas in the city and a secure barbed wire fence around the perimeter, as well as multiple facilities, customisable outdoor sites and layers of zombie-smooshing defenses.

28/04/14 - Screen 2

The main Ops Centre functions like the core game's Library, where you can research crafting options and also organise the squad's mission Tactics, such as setting up supply lines, searching for stranded soldiers or going on a zombie massacre to cut down the horde's numbers.

Time spent in the "Lifeline" DLC is potential time wasted as the squad are on a mission against the clock. This means that useful facilities like the Field Workshop can be built to negate the delay of waiting for weapons to be repaired. It can also be upgraded into an Ammunition Shop to turn resources into bullets.

That parking lot helipad will sure come in useful as a Landing Zone for supply drops for which you can radio in. Any of the 40 new weapons can be ordered in along with any of the five core resources. It's almost too good to be true...

28/04/14 - Screen 1

A variety of traps can be laid around "Black Friday's" perimeter, from mines that really thin out the horde, to propane tanks that can be shot at just the right time, and firework traps that lure the zed-heads to them before exploding. In fact, there'll be plenty of explosions in "Lifeline". But don't go thinking this is overkill as the DLC promises to include the biggest-scale zombie attacks so far. You'll be thankful of all the explosive defences you can get.

28/04/14 - Screen 3

Other important facilities that will need building include generators to keep everything in "Black Friday" powered and latrines to keep everyone clean and disease free. Privacy doesn't seem to be a concern, though.

28/04/14 - Screen 4

Finally, developers Undead Labs had the following to say about the DLC:

Our goal with Black Friday was to do more than simply add another Home Site to the game. As players, we identify with our base almost as much as we identify with our favorite characters … which means that this new base is probably our single most important means of expressing what State of Decay: Lifeline is about.

It’s about facing the apocalypse as a soldier. It’s about working with capable, confident professionals that you respect. It’s about preparing for everything, and then making fast decisions when things go wrong.

It’s also about blowing up zombies. Enjoy!
"Lifeline" for State of Decay doesn't yet have a release date.
Written by Chewie
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