Habitat Kickstarter Ending Shortly

By Old Willy Pete, 4 years ago
Habitat a unique space based strategy game from 4gency has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter with a few days to go. The campaign ends on May 2nd at 13:04 (EST) and while you cannot pledge for an Xbox one copy, this unique physics based, strategy title is one to watch.

Players take the role of the leader of a team of engineers sent into space to construct a space station to ensure the survival of humanity. Using everything from asteroids, junk, and even historical landmarks the players will build their station in orbit. Once that initial station is built, the game doesn't end. Players will then manage their orbital habitat and engage AI stations in a war for resources.

Earth's orbit is a cold place, luckily, in the world of Habitat it is also a fantastic physics sandbox. Players will be able to take the objects around them and weld them together into a life sustaining space station. Or into a spinning ball of death.

So far there are numerous ways to weaponize your station all using the game's physics. The booster rockets that allow players to move their station can be turned into deadly missiles with a pair of clicks, detaching them from the station and launching them in a straight line. Grappling hooks can be attached to the station and fire a harpoon out into your target to drag it away. The particle accelerator fires a continuous beam of force at the cost of power. Of course, there are always the nuclear warheads if you absolutely need to end someone's day. Using these weapons and some imagination players will be able to crack AI habitats for their parts or just enjoy the physics interactions of bouncing space junk.

Just getting parts and welding them onto the station isn't enough though. Players will have to manage the station's oxygen, electricity, food, and living space to try and build the best station for humanity to live on. And the parts used will make a huge difference. Every part can be upgraded and turned to specific uses, some are better for certain tasks than others. There is also a full tech tree to research to advance your station even further.

Habitat is expected to launch before the Holidays of 2014.