Bungie Teases Destiny with Gameplay Video

By Brent Johnson, 3 years ago
Due to Bungie’s illustrious reputation, everything they do is highly publicized and anticipated. Their newest project, Destiny, is already well known and arguably the most anticipated game of this still developing generation. Bungie has teased with screen shots, short clips and hints at the overall storyline, but now we have another glimpse at some gameplay for the title.

This past weekend Bungie posted three short teaser videos on their official instagram account that all ended with the same message: 04.28.14.
Destiny tease video screen shot. 04.28.14
Each post was accompanied by its own tagline. The first post came with the message, “Tomorrow, witness the formation of a fireteam”. The second post stated, “Tomorrow, see how a Guardian chooses their mission”. The final message came a couple of hours later and read, “Tomorrow, watch as three brave Guardians take the fight deep into the enemy’s lair”. While not much information could be discerned from the clips, they did serve to effectively bring the Destiny hype machine into full motion.

The next day Bungie delivered on its promise and treated gamers to a gameplay video. It depicts three players fighting their way into an area enticingly called the Devil’s Lair, where they encounter two types of enemies referred to as ‘Fallen’ and ‘Hive’. Previously released information indicates that even more enemies exist within the game but were not featured in this video.

When games as anticipated as this come along, it seems as if information cannot come fast enough or in quantities large enough to satisfy the gaming communities voracious appetite for new content. However, astute viewers should discover ample information in this video about weapons, enemies, co-op and more. The lead player seems to favor a magnum type pistol, which is used with devasting, one-shot effect, but occasionally uses a medium to long distance weapon that is strikingly similar to the Battle Rifle from the Halo series (Bungie’s last project). A multitude of thrown weaponry is also seen and ranges from various types of grenades to throwing knives. That is just the beginning as the video also shows quick shots of vehicles and other things that Bungie has yet to reveal in full.

Destiny Guardians.  Multiple Weapons.

Destiny vehicle.

Destiny Preview Screen 1

Destiny Preview Screen 2

Destiny Preview Screen 3

Destiny Preview Screen 4

Destiny Preview Screen 6

Destiny Preview Screen 7

Destiny Preview Screen 8

Destiny Preview Screen 10

Destiny Preview Screen 11

Destiny Preview Screen 12

Destiny Preview Screen 13

Destiny Preview Screen 14

Destiny Preview Screen 15

Destiny Preview Artwork 1

Destiny Preview Artwork 2

Destiny Preview Artwork 3

Most intriguing, however, are the brief moments when the player quickly switches between first and third person modes in order to use the character’s special ability, which developers are calling ‘Focus Powers’. While it is still unclear as to exactly what these powers are and how they are used, it is clear from the video that they can deal massive damage.

Destiny third person shot.

Destiny Preview Screen 5

Destiny Preview Screen 9

The video ends in typical trailer fashion by promising playable demos at E3. It is also been advertised that gamers who pre-order the title will be included in the beta testing process that will begin some time in the summer. It seems that for as many questions as the video answers, it leaves the community with more than enough to debate about in the time leading up to E3 and beyond. But the date everyone anticipates the most is September 9th, 2014. That is the release date. Until then, let the hype begin!
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Brent Johnson
Written by Brent Johnson
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