Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Revealed

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
At the start of this month, we showed you a trailer that teased the possibility of new Marvel characters to arrive for Disney Infinity. We were partly right. There are new Marvel characters incoming, but these are for a new game in the Infinity universe. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 2.0 Edition is getting ready to assemble on the Xbox 360 and, for the first time, on Xbox One.

Players will be introduced to the Marvel universe through the game's Starter Pack, which will include the game (obviously), a portal, the Avengers playset, two power discs and three Marvel characters: Black Widow, Iron Man and Thor. In total there will be 20 new Marvel figures to collect. As well as the three included in the Starter Pack, Captain America, Hawkeye and Hulk will also be launching at the same time as the game.


American comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis, known for writing many Marvel comics like Ultimate Spider-Man and New Avengers, is writing the story for the game to create that authentic hero feel. As well as the content that is promised to "blow your mind" upon release, more stories, characters and playsets are promised to be revealed later, including new Disney properties too.

The playsets for Marvel Super Heroes are larger than anything you will have experienced in Disney Infinity as they have to account for the new abilities of the super heroes, including the ability to fly and hover. Players can battle enemies on the ground or while in flight. Other heroes will be able to super-jump or climb up buildings. To account for the different skill sets, Disney is adding skill trees and an increased level cap of 20 into the game. Here are the first six characters causing chaos on the streets of Manhattan, a playset that is four times larger than that of the Incredibles playset.

Black Widow
Black Widow 1

Black Widow 2

Black Widow 3

Captain America
Captain America 1

Captain America 2

Hawkeye 1

Hawkeye 2

Hawkeye 3

Hawkeye 4


Iron Man
Iron Man 1

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 3

Thor 1

Thor 2

While the playsets are getting a revamp, Toy Box mode isn't getting left behind. Amongst the new features are new brushes that will allow players to create certain types of structures quicker, including buildings, dungeons and race tracks. Automated builders will be available for worlds to be created instantly for those with little imagination. These worlds can be customised after creation too. Finally, templates will allow the simple creation of mini-games like tower-defence or dungeon crawlers in many Toy Box worlds.

The introduction of a new game also means the introduction of new power discs. Over 80 new discs will be available for Marvel Super Heroes and they will bring some new abilities. Players will be able to change character costumes. There will be new vehicle types like motorcycles and transforming vehicles; Agent Coulson's hovercapable Chevrolet Corvette Lola is just one example. Finally, players can call upon partner characters, such as the Iron Patriot and the Winter Soldier, to assist in their mission.

The reveal trailer may initially seem familiar, but keep an eye open for some characters that may not have been there originally. Those with the most acute eye sight will be able to pick out these new characters that were not in the initial announcement:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

What about the collection that you have already built up? Don't panic. All Infinity power discs, characters, play sets and even the portal are compatible with Marvel Super Heroes. Characters will transfer with all stats and upgrades intact. Even your Toy Box creations can be downloaded into the Toy Box mode of Marvel Super Heroes if they have been saved to a Disney ID account; these can then be used with the new 2.0 characters.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) is due to be released this fall. More information and announcements have been promised for E3 in June, so keep your eyes open here for the latest updates!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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