Chariot Details Ride In

By Rebecca Smith,
When Chariot was announced as one of the first 25 ID@Xbox games to be shown to the public at San Francisco's Game Developers' Conference, very few details were known. Now, we can reveal a bit more information about the physics-based platformer that takes players on a journey of danger and riches.
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A brave princess has recently had to cope with the death of her father, the King. Now that she has control of the kingdom, her first task is to find a place that is worthy enough for her father's remains. Along with her fiancé, she must transport a very heavy chariot through underground caverns and mine tunnels to reach the perfect gold-laden tomb. There is just one catch, though. The King's ghost is bound to the chariot and he isn't known for his patience and pleasant nature. As the trio travel through the ancient caves, they must explore off the beaten track for loot and collectibles.
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Although the game can be played by a single-player, the game also offers couch co-op where two players have to work together to move the chariot. Push it, pull it, ride it, reel it in... whatever it takes to satisfy the King. The game will not offer online co-op as developer Frima Studios is adamant that they want players "strategizing, interacting, and debating live — not over the internet".
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Chariot is due to reel in to Xbox One this fall.

We've got the full list of Chariot achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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