Coyote Canyon Sneak Peek Revealed

By Brent Johnson, 4 years ago
During PAX East we were treated to the news that Powerstar Golf would be adding a new course called Coyote Canyon. Now, a lengthy play through video has been released giving a nice preview of the course.

Craig Leigh, MS Design Director, and Rukari Austin, MS Community Manager, play the new course set in the High Desert country of the Southwestern U.S. The course mimics the Painted Desert, complete with rust colored sands, arid greenery and rugged rock formations that tower above the landscape.

Perhaps even more interesting than the news itself is the banter between Craig and Rukari. They discuss the art style of the course, the design process and even drop some playing hints here and there. Of particular interest to achievement hounds is the short discussion that reveals that this DLC will come with achievements totaling 250 points. Although the exact amount could vary as Craig Leigh said, "Don't quote me on that."

The only word on the release date is "very, very soon". However, Craig and Leigh specifically state that the course is done and the news that Coyote Canyon will be free should help keep golfers a bit patient.
Brent Johnson
Written by Brent Johnson
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