Super T.I.M.E Force Has A Release Date

By Andy Mills, 4 years ago
Yesterday, the release date was announced for Xbox-exclusive game Super Time Force. Luckily for anyone interested in the game, they won't have to wait much longer - and for those who haven't seen anything on the game so far, we highly recommend checking out the previous gameplay trailer.

Revealed by Capybara's Twitter alongside a swanky new trailer, Super T.I.M.E Force shall be hitting Xbox 360 and Xbox One on the 14th May.

Super T.I.M.E Force, which won the Independent Games Festival XBLA Prize in 2012, has been described as Super Meat Boy meets time travel. Except, instead of just seeing all your failures once you succeed, you can rewind time and your past selves can help your present self. Honestly, Super T.I.M.E Force looks a bit nuts and that's exactly why I'm highly anticipating the release on May 14th.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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