NHL 15 Announced

By Megan Walton, 4 years ago
Exciting news for fans of Ice Hockey, as we have confirmation of the release of EA Sports NHL 15. This game is set to be the first in a new line of hockey games to change the way players look at the sport. Real world physics will be applied to each and every player on the rink, highlighting the unpredictability of the real life sport. There will be an elevated level of AI intelligence, challenging the player in every way possible, and forcing them to use the wide range of new tools at their disposal.

We've got a little teaser trailer to accompany this announcement below, helping you to imagine what it will be like when you finally get to play the game.

Everything in this new NHL game has been upgraded from NHL 14. I have already mentioned the real world physics to be used on every player, but this idea is similarly being used for the new pucks. Every spin, roll and bounce of the puck is as close to what would happen in the real game as possible. The players within the game have been built with more layers to them, adding to the realism of both the look and the movement of each one. The same technology has been used as EA SPORTS UFC to create the player likeness, and the superstar skill stick puts more power of control in the hands of the player. The new AI will be able to predict the passes you make and better react to your movement; the question is will you have the skills to counteract this?

New commentators (Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick and Eddie Olczyk) and on-ice analysts (Ray Ferraro) give the game a feel of a real hockey match, with over 35,000 lines of new commentary. Upon starting a match, they will welcome you into the city and the ground, as well as giving you a pre game video commentary about what is to come during the next 60 minutes. You be playing in unique arenas, with 19,000 capacity and 9000 individual crowd models. Take a look into the crowd every once in a while; you might see someone holding your name sign up or wearing your shirt number! They will also react to how the match is going, so pay attention to how the atmosphere will change when you take the lead.

Do you have a particular favourite ice hockey player? Does P.K.Subban take your fancy, or do you think Logan Courture kicks ass? Well you could have a say in seeing them on the front of the NHL 15 box. The NHL and NHLPL have started the 'Cover Vote Campaign' in which fans have a choice of eight different players that they can choose to be on the front of the box. To vote, head over to NHL Cover Vote and pick your favourite! You can also vote on twitter, and all the hashtags are listed below. The winner will be announced on June 24th, so keep your eyes out if you have voted.

Boston Bruins, Patrice Bergeron, #NHL15Bergeron
San Jose Sharks, Logan Couture, #NHL15Couture
Los Angeles Kings, Drew Doughty, #NHL15Doughty
Colorado Avalanche, Matt Duchene, #NHL15Duchene
Ottawa Senators, Erik Karlsson, #NHL15Karlsson
Toronto Maple Leafs, Phil Kessel, #NHL15Kessel
St. Louis Blues, T.J. Oshie, #NHL15Oshie
Montreal Canadiens, P.K. Subban, #NHL15Subban
NHL 15 is scheduled for release in Autumn later this year, on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
Megan Walton
Written by Megan Walton
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