Man vs. Wild Trailer & Gameplay Videos

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
First off, how did I ever miss this trailer announcement!?

Second! Did you guys see that awesome granitic intrusion on that rock face at the 0:40 mark!? I may get this game just for the scenery alone.

Discovery Channel games are not the games you are going to find under Microsoft's Platinum Games title. I know! I know! How can the world be so unjust?

Crave Game has dropped a nice little video detailing how the gameplay operates for this game. Your job is to keep Bear Grylls alive across various terrains. The game looks intense and I hope it plays like a game of Worst Case Scenario and can actually provide you legitimate tips for surviving, just like the television show.

See that intense parchuting action? Finding water!? Hear that sound? That is me going to place my pre-order with GameStop.

(I hope they do a midnight release.)

Man vs. Wild is out in November.