Batman: Arkham City Minor Details

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
In the promise to bring all of you raving community members demanding Batman: Arkham City information, I present to you two morsels of wonderful information.

The first is that Batman: Arkham City will feature Nathan Hale! That is right! Rocksteady has stolen the PlayStation 3's Resistance icon and forced him to make an appearance in the next Batman game. All kidding aside, the voice actor behind Nathan Hale, Mr. David Kaye, has confirmed that he is doing voice work for the new game. Internet speculation has him playing every character so far confirmed and rumored for the game. Keep in mind it is a bit difficult to typecast Mr. Kaye's voice. He may have done Nathan Hale, but he also did Clank from Ratchet & Clank.

Speaking about voice work, the writer for Arkham City was kind enough to leak absolutely nothing to MTV about the game but did confirm that it is well into development. Mr. Paul Dini was the lead writer for Arkham Asylum and has continued through with his work as lead writer for Arkham City. Those that may have reservations about the game, that it could not even keep up to par with its previous story telling capabilities should breath a little sigh of relief.

When asked how far into development they were:
We're well on our way through production. We're doing recordings all this week here in Los Angeles. I actually have to go over to some of the recordings later this week. It's all sounding great and it's looking terrific.

Shame he couldn't say who was doing what. Give us something to gnaw on for awhile. Oh, bugger, Dini did have this to say if you want hints on the story for the sequel.

The more we got into developing the first game, we were like, 'Hey, let's do this. Let's put in this clue for the second one.' At that point we were pretty sure we were doing a sequel at some point.
I guess I will be dragging out my copy and scouring it for clues, in detective mode.

Anything that got cut from the first game that he wished had made it? That may make an appearance in Arkham City?
There were some ideas we had for the exteriors. Some fights we would have outside [the asylum] and perhaps a little more Batmobile action.
Keep it here for more information, as it develops.