Pure Pool Coming To Xbox One

By Megan Walton, 4 years ago
Here's something for fans of pool to get excited about. Pure Pool has been confirmed for Xbox One and is claiming to provide the most authentic pool experience on the market. Will it live up to this claim?

Developer VooFoo Studios and publisher Ripstone are offering you both online and offline experiences, and you can do so in a game that is set to feel as beautiful as it looks. With the fine tuned physics engine for super smooth gameplay, VooFoo claims that the only thing that can compare with this game is real life pool. Pure Pool is built around connecting players, as well as making it feel like the real thing, so prepare yourself for all the buzz and vibrancy of a real pool hall environment. The multiplayer will offer both head-to-head matches and global online leagues, so the level of opponent is entirely up to you. This is coupled with a unique DNA profile of your gaming that is recorded as you play, meaning you can even go up against AI versions of both friend and foe.

Mark Williams, Technology Director at VooFoo Studios, talks about what they wanted from the game and what they hope to achieve with the release:

We plan to set the bar on digital pool higher than ever before with Pure Pool. Since the success of Pure Chess and Hustle Kings, we wanted to follow up with an even better game for next-gen systems-one that would truly emulate a real experience, and captivate both pool fans and the general gaming populace alike.
Accompanying this announcement is a short teaser trailer for the game, showing players the kind of experience they could be having.

Pure Pool is set for a Summer release later this year.
Megan Walton
Written by Megan Walton
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