Let's Talk with Unmasked Shyguy

By Cindy Minguez, 4 years ago
Hello, everyone! This week, our special guest is Unmasked Shyguy, a gaming enthusiast from the environs of Liverpool. Let's say hello. Hi, Shyguy! Welcome!

B1ue: Gamertags almost always tell something about their owners. What about yours?

Originally I had the gamertag bricks0212, but that was something that just spawned from my e-mail. *sigh* The reason I chose Unmasked Shyguy was because at the time of changing, I was playing Mario Soccer, and my favourite players were the Shyguys, and since they don’t have a real face, my friends decided as a joke to photoshop my face under the mask, and it just stuck with me ever since.

B1ue: How long have you been gaming?

Ever since my cousin got an NES, I was hooked. It wasn’t even mine, yet I spent the most time playing Duck Hunt because, even though the console was older than myself and my skill level was awful, I still found the technology amazing, and because of that moment, I’ve been playing games ever since. I’m 22 now, so I believe I started when I was three or four.

B1ue: Do others in your family game, or are you a first generation gamer?

In terms of direct family I used to live with, we kind of started gaming all around the same time. The first console I ever received was a SEGA Master System II with a couple of games. With my parents, we would spend lots of time playing with it. We would take turns, changing games as we all had our favourite one, but we would sit there and watch each other play on a small TV. My brother did start to get into gaming, but it hasn’t stuck with him as much as it has with me.

B1ue: What do your family and friends have to say about your gaming?

As soon as I turned 14, my parents resented that I spent so much time playing games. It was pretty much as soon as the PlayStation 2 was released; the time I spent outside playing football (soccer) and studying radically changed. My girlfriend is also a gamer, so she is always very supportive with it. After only stumbling upon the achievement streaks on TA, we have both started trying to see how far we can get. Most of my friends play games although mainly on PC now. I try to get my achievements but also be able to game with them.

B1ue: Assuming you’re not a professional gamer, what’s your day job?

Although many of the younger audience will think this is an amazing job…it definitely isn’t. I work in GAME (VERY similar to GameStop). I have worked there now for six years. For the first year or so, it’s actually not bad, make friends and learn more about the retail side of the gaming industry. During the XBOX ONE/PS4 launches, I was working around 60 hours a week, including midnight launches, leaving no time to play games at all. To be honest, the less said about retail jobs, the better.

B1ue: What other hobbies do you enjoy?

Other than gaming, I am part of an archery club a few miles away from where I live. I did this for a long time a few years ago but have only just started getting back into it. To fill the gap in-between, I was part of a fencing club and ten-pin bowling league. I absolutely love football and support a small club called Morecambe not too far north from me.

B1ue: Tell us about your home life.

I am currently living away from my parents. Originally it was for University, but I will be moving back with them later this year. The most exciting part about that is, I get to see my dog every day instead of every two weeks, or whenever I was able to go visit. Plans on getting a job and moving out or buying a car is #1 on the priority list, after gaming, of course.

B1ue: What’s your favourite game of all time?

This is the most difficult question to ask, ever…of all time. Hmmm, I will have to go with Sonic Chaos on the Master System, most likely because it was the first game I ever actually finished, but also one of the very few I would actually play over and over again, and still could. It doesn’t need an in-depth story to get me interested in it since I enjoy the Earth Defence Force series and MOBA-style games.

B1ue: Do you remember the first game you ever played?

Since I already answered this earlier with Duck Hunt, the first game I ever played that I personally owned was Alex Kidd in Miracle World. I and my mother tried for months and months to finish the game, but after finishing it on the Xbox Arcade, I realised we never even got close, but still had lots of fun, even with the Jankenpo!

B1ue: If some evil spell allowed you to keep only one game, what would it be?

This may or not surprise a few people, but if the online community for the game stayed as busy as it did on release, my choice would be Halo 3. The amount of time I spent in multi-player, doing the campaign, and the split-screen fun playing with friends, I wish I could continue with those moments forever. The way they keep evolving forge mode, there could be an endless number of possibilities.

B1ue: What part of the world do you live in? If I were to visit, what sights would I have to see?

All my life I’ve lived in the Liverpool area, mainly associated with the Beatles; lots of tourists visit the museums and Football stadiums. There are also cathedrals nearby for the religious types.

B1ue: Any games you regret putting on your gamertag?

There are quite a lot, some I didn’t even put on there myself; accidentally being logged in whilst my brother played games was the main problem. To keep this list short and sweet, the top three would be:
1. Bomberman: Act Zero (Will NEVER 1000G)
2. Yoostar 2: In The Movies (played it for 10 minutes)
3. Totemball

B1ue: If you were forced to change your gamertag, what would you change it to? What would the new tag reflect about you?

I’m sorry to say, I would never want to change my gamertag to anything else, as I love mine, and it doesn’t contain any silly capital letters in the middle of the words or numbers. I would have to go with anything with the word “Stormy” in it; it was my nickname for the first year or so that I worked where I am now. I think I like to have a gamertag that reflects more than just myself.

B1ue: Tell us about your gamer pic. Why did you choose that one?

For a long time I had a little dragon from Raskulls because he was cute, and the game is amazing; if you haven’t played it, I would highly advise it — very good if you have alcohol, four pads, and obviously the friends to use them. My current picture will be highly known from RoosterTeeth (Red vs Blue), one of the very few reasons I ever started watching videos on the internet, and I’ve been following them for nine and a half years.

B1ue: Do you have any particular gaming pet peeves?

I have quite a lot of gaming pet peeves, ranging from stupid gamertags to people who go afk at the most important time of a game. The main annoyance is developers who, before the game as even been released, are announcing season passes to go with it. How do they know it’s going to be a success? And what was stopping them including it on the disc(s) in the first place? I have to admit I miss the days of gaming before the internet, where you got 100% of the game, and didn’t have to pay to unlock content already on the disc. Although I haven’t played it yet, the new Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare game made me very happy, releasing free expansions and DLC to keep the gamer playing and without forcing us to hand over money in the process.

B1ue: What upcoming game are you most looking forward to?

Until the recent announcement of the latest Pokémon remakes, it would have to be The Evil Within. Now this game looks incredible. I really hope this one doesn’t let me down. I’ve started becoming more interested in horror games, as it’s also a good genre to talk about with fellow gamers.

B1ue: What game are you most proud of completing? Why?

Halo 3, not only for the fact of getting all 79 achievements, but it was also the most fun; it didn’t feel like a grind though I got a bit frustrated along the way. This was one of the few games, before I found TrueAchievements, that I actually tried to get the achievements in. It doesn’t have the highest TA ratio of my completed games, but because I did this with friends, this wins my vote.

B1ue: What single Xbox achievement are you most proud of? Why?

Beijing 2008Decathlon DominatorThe Decathlon Dominator achievement in Beijing 2008 worth 187 pointsWin all 10 events in a Decathlon.

Some people are going to laugh at this one!

I got this achievement on my first attempt with no guides/boosting/cheating but thought nothing at the time. I broke one of my pads for this one achievement, and as soon as I saw the difficulty rating of getting this, I was very pleased, and with none of my friends having this, despite trying, I always like to brag about it.

B1ue: In a slightly different vein, do you have a favorite achievement? One perhaps that you just really enjoyed attaining?

Track and FieldPerfectionThe Perfection achievement in Track and Field worth 78 pointsQualify on every individual attempt in the first 6 events.

Again with the button mashing, I make it look like that’s all I can do. But I had fun doing this because I and three friends sat down to all try this at the same time. Again, I was the only one to achieve it, but I enjoy this one for memories, more than just for Gamerscore…this time.

B1ue: If you found yourself dropped into a video game, which video game character would you most want to have your back?

Aku Aku from Crash Bandicoot, protects me from damage, and also has the funny noise every time you pick him up, even if he cannot actually do anything else

B1ue: Any characters you would like seen thrown into video game hell?

The “other” two characters from Dead Space.
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

B1ue: Ever had a bad experience online? How did you handle it?

I’ve never had any bad experiences, maybe people making fun of my accent when I used to play Call of Duty, but that’s about it. I would advise people though, if any messages or hurtful comments are ever said, there are mute and block communication buttons; take advantage of them!

B1ue: Do you prefer single player or multi-player?

I have to admit, the single player games are much better, but I prefer the couch co-op experience with friends. Portal 2 was a great example of both.

B1ue: Do you have a favourite group of friends you like to play with? If so, how did you meet?

My favourite group of friends to game with are all on PC (unfortunately). We play a few team games, being able to chat through Skype. The majority of the group are all family (mum, two sons, and their two cousins), so I feel already part of the gaming family

B1ue: If you could have a multi-player session with anyone in the world, whom would you choose? Why?

It’s hard to pick an individual, but I would go with anyone from Achievement Hunter, but only if the fun they have when doing "Let's Plays" would also occur in my session

B1ue: What other consoles do you own?

I’ll keep the list to just the ones I have at my current location; they would be; Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, and PC. I guess since I have a Windows phone...does that count? It has achievements, so I vote yes.

B1ue: Have you ever had a game you really looked forward to that you were disappointed in when it finally arrived? Tell us about it.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The amount of time I had to wait for announcements of the game, then the delays on top of that, make me realise, just because they spent so much time on the game doesn’t mean it’s going to be the blockbuster you were expecting.

B1ue: Tell us about your gaming set-up.

This is where I spend most of my time, at my computer desk playing on my PC and browsing the web. I also have my PS3 plugged into this screen because it's next to my bed; it’s just easy for me to watch films and television shows

This is the love my Xbox gets, its own 32” screen and in the main living space. Nobody in my flat uses it except me, so I can always walk in, sit on the couch with my feet up, and play games.

I have no picture of my games, as all of the boxes for them are still at my parents'; I just have a CD spinner to keep them all safe on.

B1ue: How do you use TA? Tracking, walkthroughs, solutions, sessions?

Since I am wanting to keep my achievement streak going, the “easy achievements” page is my new best friend. When it’s getting close to midnight and I haven’t got one yet, it shows the fastest way to keep the streak going. I love the community for their solutions and walkthroughs! They are like family; if I’m having trouble, there is always someone who can help. I always have a quick spy at a walkthrough, just to make sure if there are missable achievements so that I don’t waste 200 hours playing a game to find I can’t complete it. *sigh* Final Fantasy XIII D:<

B1ue: Do you ever contribute solutions?

I contributed one solution, ever. It got down voted, so I stopped.

There aren’t many games I buy on release anymore, so by the time I would have a solution, someone has already beat me to it. Don’t take this as a rant; I’m happy to see someone is already helping those that need it.

B1ue: How has your gaming changed or evolved since coming to TA?

It has definitely evolved my gaming. I still have my main aim to play games and enjoy the experience of them, but it’s an added challenge to get the achievements and brag about it!

B1ue: What do you like and dislike most about the site?

Like: Short answer, the community, they make it all happen!
Dislike: News delays and news filtering, unless this already exists and I missed the memo. I don’t have an Xbox ONE (yet), so I wish I could hide certain categories.

I know this looks like a lot more moaning about dislikes, don’t worry, I could write pages of what I LOVE about this site.

B1ue: I think the hounds do quite a lovely job of of getting the news out...

How did you learn about TA? Have you signed up any friends to the website?

I found the website, by chance, all by myself! 13th February 2009. If I recall correctly, I was looking for a guide for a specific achievement, and it directed me to this website. From that day, I was signed up and had this page as my only bookmark. I have managed to claw in five friends so far, my girlfriend being one of them, and now she uses the site even more than I do!

B1ue: Have you made friends here?

Unfortunately, I haven’t. I have met people through boosting sessions, then had a few extra games with them, but after a month or so, the communication and gaming just ceases, and the unfortunate “Remove Friend” button comes into effect after another month.

B1ue: If you have a pro account, what’s the most number of forced scans you’ve done in a day?

I don’t have a pro account, but with money always being something I need for food/bills, I’m sorry to say it’s a bit far down in my priorities. I’ve never been declined a scan. It scans my account almost every day, so I never really need a forced scan. I think I’ve only ever done it 10 times over five years.

B1ue: If you could have a game handcrafted just for you, what would your perfect game be?

It’s unfortunately too difficult to answer this because my favourite genre of games is Music and MOBAs, and I’m pretty sure there is no way of mixing the two up, along with some button mashing!

B1ue: Do you have a “claim to fame” in gaming? If so, what is it?

Possibly the closest I could come to a “claim to fame” was getting #1 on a Lips leaderboard. I and my friend did a duet of a Flight of the Conchords song and managed to hold the top spot for many months. Last time I checked, our score is quite far down the list now, but it was a funny accident, since I can’t sing at all.

*Lightning Round*

Favourite 360 game?

South Park: The Stick of Truth (Xbox 360) (my vote for Game of the Year 2014)

Favourite non-360 game?

Sound Shapes

Least favourite game?

Assassin's Creed

Favourite game developer?


Favourite game weapon?

Portal gun

Most hated game enemy?

Shao Khan (Mortal Kombat)

Favourite game character?


Favourite game sidekick?

The Boner (Shadows of the Damned)

Favourite game ending?

The Walking Dead (Season One)

Most hated game ending?

Alex Kidd (No ending cutscene)

Favourite game environment?


Favourite game music?

Sound Shapes

*End of Lightning Round*

B1ue: Is there anything in particular you want the TA community to know about you?

Nothing that hasn’t already been mentioned. I feel we have covered almost everything.

B1ue: Any shout-outs you want to make before we go?

Giving a shoutout to IIUnamed HeroII and SureHail ; your combined Gamerscores will never catch up to mine! And of course a shoutout to every person who has submitted an achievement solution; you are the best!

And that's it for this week, folks. Thanks so much to Shyguy for taking the time to tell us a little about his world. Come back in a couple of weeks for our next guest, NecromancyQueen .
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
Cindy has been writing for TA/TT for three years now and is the Assistant Manager of the Newshounds at TrueTrophies. She's an English instructor at a small college and considered a remarkably cool teacher for knowing all about Mass Effect, Skyrim, and Diablo III.