May Update for Final Fantasy XI

By Cindy Minguez, 4 years ago
Square-Enix has announced details of the new May update for their popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XI. Straight from their forums, we've learned of:

-- new missions
-- old mysteries solved while new ones are unveiled
-- the expansion of previously marginalized characters
-- an easier method for earning capacity points
-- the Fellow level cap is being raised to 99 (to further support solo players)
-- new mission-related areas
-- expanded areas where Fellows can be called
-- introduction of the Mog Wardrobe
-- new meals that enhance pet accuracy by 110 points
-- mythic-equivalent weapons for geomancers and rune fencers
-- and much, much more!

See the video for a more detailed list of some of the upcoming goodies including a thank you to the fans in honor of the game's Twelfth Anniversary.

More specifically:

Missions and Quests

-- Seeker of Adoulin missions
-- Trust acquisition quests
-- Survival Skill acquisition quest
-- Geomancer Ergon Weapon acquisition quest
-- Rune Fencer Ergon Weapon acquisition quest
-- Adventurer Appreciation Campaign
-- Mog Tablet quest
-- Repeat Login Campaign
-- Mog Bonanza

Areas and Monsters

-- New areas
-- Event-specific areas

Content and Systems

-- High-tier mission battlefields (Aht Urhgan missions)
-- Adventuring fellows (new cap, item changes, getting rid of point penalty)
-- Trust (new alter-egos, adjustment to behavior logic, etc.)
-- Records of Eminence
-- Coalition assignments
-- Reives
-- Celennia Memorial Library
-- Zeni Notorious Monsters


-- Job Points
-- Corsair
-- Blue Mage
-- Geomancer


-- Mog Wardrobe
-- Geomancer's Ergon Weapon
-- Rune Fencer's Ergon Weapon
-- Food for pet jobs
-- Auction House
-- Addition of Porter Moogle supported items
-- Addition of event items


-- Equipment change interface
-- Chat filter
-- Title screen

To see the more detailed, point-by-point charts of what Square is working on with their notes added, please visit here.

The May Update will be live on May 15th.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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