Xbox One Kinect-less SKU coming in June

By Andy Mills, 5 years ago
Microsoft has revealed today that they will be releasing a Kinect-less Xbox One, on June 9th, in all countries where the Xbox One is already available.

In a post on Xbox Wire, which also detailed the removal of the Gold "paywall" for apps, and changes to Games With Gold, Phil Spencer says that while Microsoft still sees Kinect as important to their vision of the Xbox One, they also realise that many people were looking for "options in hardware selection" - simply put, consumers also wanted the ability to purchase an Xbox One without a Kinect - for their own personal reasons.

But what of those who buy this Kinect-less Xbox One, and then decide later down the line that they like the look of Fantasia: Music Evolved or Kinect Sport Rivals? Fret not, as Spencer, head of the Xbox division, revealed that a standalone Xbox One Kinect shall also be available, come autumn/fall.

The Kinect-less Xbox One is available to pre-order for $399.99/£349.99

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Andy Mills
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