Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Trailer

By Joshua Rust, 4 years ago
Late last week, we gave you a first look into Sunset Overdrive. We also have a few screenshots for you to gander at in anticipation for the wacky, open-world zombie game.

For Sunset Overdrive, the developers Insonmiac Games, wanted a high density of enemies onscreen at the same time. Drew Murray, Game Director, had this to say about the Xbox One's power to make that happen:

We wanted a really high enemy count, our minimum we wanted to be able to load 120 enemies at a time. We wanted to be able to go a certain speed of traversing through the world which obviously involves loading things quickly enough. I think some of the less obvious things are a lot of the fourth wall effects that we have in the game… those aren't cheap to do at all [in terms of system resources], and with the power of the Xbox One we actually are able to pull a lot of those off. Frankly I thought we set technical limitations that we weren't going to be able to meet, like we'll say 120 [enemies on screen] and 90 will be OK, but we actually hit all those things very well.
They have also taken the time to make the smaller details, the ones that make the game feel alive, stand out as well. The clothes you are wearing react as you're moving, such as your vest swaying when the wind is blowing and your chain flopping around while running throughout Sunset City. The goal is to make this world come to life. According to Sunset Overdrive Co-Creator Marcus Smith, this would not have been achievable with the previous generation consoles.

To keep the game fresh throughout each playthrough, the writers have crafted a huge number of dialogue lines that will change during each different playthrough, depending on what happens during the game. It's important to Insomniac Games that players don't get bored hearing the same lines of dialogue when playing through Sunset Overdrive multiple times.

This trailer shows off new gameplay as Ted Price, Drew Murray, and Marcus Smith from Insomniac Games talk about the Xbox One exclusive title.

Sunset Overdrive is expected to release sometime later this year on the Xbox One.
Joshua Rust
Written by Joshua Rust
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