Kinect Embraces Sign Language

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Kinect is a real divider of gamers. Those who love it and will pounce on it day one, those who may given time and proof of concept, and the arguably more vocal camp who despise it. Let's bear this in mind for this article and shall we agree not to descend into arguments of how vacuous the games will or won't be and, how Kinect is or isn't pure hyperbole.

It has been uncovered that Microsoft filed a successful patent application associated with Kinect. Would you like to read the exact synopsis from the application? It's not coherent, I warn you now:

Systems, methods and computer readable media are disclosed for gesture keyboarding. A user makes a gesture by either making a pose or moving in a pre-defined way that is captured by a depth camera. The depth information provided by the depth camera is parsed to determine at least that part of the user that is making the gesture. When parsed, the character or action signified by this gesture is identified.
In short what this paragraph is trying to say is that the depth camera, or rather Kinect, may be able to allow users of sign language to communicate with a game or the Xbox simply by using traditional sign language techniques. If true, an impressive feat indeed. The patent also details the hardware's ability to read and respond to minuscule motor movements, and the possibility for lip reading.

Kinect launches November 4th.