EA Willing to Sell You 156 DLC Items

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Some news has surfaced this morning of EA taking DLC to the extreme for the as yet unreleased title NHL 11. There's around a staggering 156 items of DLC currently up on the marketplace.

External image

The above screenshot tells the story itself more or less. You will be able to pay for and download attribute points/stat boosts for your players at prices ranging from 80MSP to 160MSP. EA have done this before, but this time have taken it to the nth degree. DLC packs are position relevant so any stat points purchased for a wing position are not transferable to any other position on the field of play.

You may be tempted to think this story is a fake and that I and many other writers have been duped into drumming up an article based on false claims, but to round off this article, I present you with the Xbox LIVE Marketplace link.

The discussion, is over to you...

[EDIT] These items of DLC should be, for the best part, obtainable in game and DLC packs could be regarded as the 'cheat' access to some aspects of the game.
Credit for this story goes to Bolch