Kinect 250GB Bundle [RUMOUR]

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Only a short while ago, Microsoft confirmed that there would be a Kinect bundle launched allowing you to buy the console and Kinect hardware simultaneously. The console part of this package would contain only 4GB of memory, which people mused was a bit 'tight' for a family orientated package.

However, Joystiq has been reportedly tipped off by a source who spotted a marketing poster for the 4GB Kinect bundle alongside a 250GB Kinect package. The image of which is given below:

External image

Microsoft have yet to officially confirm or deny this rumour either way, but it could be assumed that this will be the 'premium' launch package seeing as the image details the 4GB package as being 'matte' finished, whilst the 250GB console enjoys a 'gloss' aesthetic.