TA Gaming Stats - May 12th to 18th 2014

By Chewie, 4 years ago
This report is for the period May 12th to May 18th 2014.

Good morrow fair TA'ers and welcome to the latest instalment in our occasionally thrilling, but more often not, series of stats articles. This week, one of my Statisticle Ewok helpers, Docbraun, came to me with a strange looking device, swearing it was going to revolutionise the stats by allowing us to glimpse into past and the future numbers. Well, that all sounded well and good, but who wants merely to glimpse when you can experience. So, I got another one of my Statisticles, Rufus, to bang it with a hammer tinker with it in order to try and fully utilise its potential. There he is, tinkering away in the corner and...wait...something's hhhhhaaaaaaappppeeee

Games Started
28,400 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 40,729 games between them (1,931 different games).


Well, that was weird. It just felt like I did a loop the loop on a particularly old rollercoaster and it would seem that the Statistcles experienced a similar feeling. That would explain the vomit everywhere. Oh well, no matter. On with the stats!

Oh, look, by sheer coincidence, time travel title Super T.I.M.E. Force (Xbox One) takes top spot in its release week with over 1,400 starters. Although over 1,000 isn't bad for an indie release, it's considerably fewer than the 3,000 Child of Light (Xbox One) managed on its release a couple of weeks back. Speaking of which, the RPG slips into second and drops from around 1,000 to under 500 starters.

What was that weird shrieky noise outside? Billted, go and take a look.

Last week's new release, Nutjitsu, slips into third with 450 starters, whilst a 25% discount in this week's sale puts Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (Xbox One) back on the table in fifth.

So, Bill-Ted hasn't returned yet and now there's a scratching sound at the door. I'll take a look for myself in a moment.

Despite not being officially released yet, Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox One), managed to sneak up onto the table in eighth with 230 starters, I presume thanks to review copies and pre-orders arriving early. You lucky folks.

Right, excuse me whilst I see what's outside.



Top Xbox One Games Started


Phew. Well it's not everyday you open your door to a Velociraptor with half an Ewok hanging out of its mandible. I'm wondering if maybe this timey-wimey machine is working. Let's take another look outside, after some more stats.

"Games with Gold" takes the lead, with this fortnight's freebie as Saints Row: The Third. It proves a popular one, pulling in almost 4,000 starters. The regional German version also pops up in tenth with 170 starters.

I just opened the door and it would appear that we are in Victorian London. I surmised that due to the thick pea-soup like fog that surrounds everything and the strange lady in a petticoat, covered in boils, who asked if I wanted to see her fancies. I did not.

The discounted Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare proves as popular on the 360 as on the One, leaping back onto the table in third with 280 starters. The also discounted Just Cause 2 grapples into ninth with over 170 starters, behind last week's sales title, Fable Anniversary.

Well, that was unpleasant. A man calling himself Jack just ran through carrying a bloody knife and something that looked a lot like a heart, and now the coppers are banging on the door. Time for more tinkering, Rufusssssssssss

Top Xbox 360 Retail Games Started

ssssss. All of this time travel is having quite an unfortunate effect on the Statisticles. Some of them are getting quite dizzy and discombobulated. I might let them outside for a bit to get some fresh air.

Previous "Games with Gold" freebie Dust: An Elysian Tail continues to lead by a mile, despite halving its numbers from 4,400 to under 2,200. Zombie-themed deal titles this week include State of Decay in fifth, Plants vs. Zombies in sixth and Zombie Driver HD in ninth.

I'm now starting to wonder if it wasn't a great idea to send the Statisticles out without first checking what time we're in. Billted would have agreed.

Super Time Force gets only around a tenth of the starters on the 360 than it did on the One, putting it in seventh place with a little over 160 starters, but only just. Two fewer starters and it would've dropped to ninth.

Okay, we're leaving. I just stuck my head out and saw what looked like a group of cyborgs with large lasers wearing wigs. Except those wigs had very familiar faces... Hit it Rufus!

Top Xbox 360 Arcade Games Started

Oh no. I think Rufus hit it too hard. We keep flying through the time tunnels, landing somewhere (somewhen?) for a few minutes, then flying off again. This is really trippy. In the time tunnels I've seen a phone box, a police box, a naked bodybuilder, a crappy 80s car and what looked like one of those Everglades airboats. I suppose that's not much weirder than a treehouse full of vomiting fuzzballs, though.

Wordament Snap Attack (WP) retains its position after storming the table last week, despite slipping by over two thirds from 2,800 to under 850 starters. After lowering its memory requirements to 512MB so it can be played on lower spec phones, Temple Run 2 (WP) charges up into second place with over 340 starters, up from under 60 in seventh. Despite being new, free and full of cute little fur balls, Kinectimals Unleashed (Win 8) doesn't exactly lure in the players, getting only 60 starters in sixth place.

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Ok, we've stopped again. There doesn't seem too much going on here. It looks as though we've landed on some sort of butterfly sanctuary some time in the past. There's an angry lady with a net shouting at us because we've just crushed hundreds of her butterflies. Oh well, at least that won't have much an effect on anything in the present...will it?

Wordament Snap Attack (Win 8) maintains first on W8 too, despite also dropping its numbers, from 1,200 to under 500. Last week, I didn't even notice the new release of Microsoft Treasure Hunt (Win 8), which entered the table in second with 200 starters on a soft release. I guess I'm just used to skimming over the ever-present "Microsoft" freebie stuff. This week the numbers for the Minesweeper adventure mode spin-off increase to 430 thanks to more countries getting the release. Another soft release comes in the form of Tentacles: Enter the Mind (Win 8), which manages almost 180 starters, despite only being (officially) available in Denmark.

Top Windows 8 Games Started

Games Completed
8,409 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 11,363 games between them (1,294 different games).

Well this is really weird. I just looked out the window and saw myself from a few days ago telling Docbraun to work harder on his time machine. I suppose now would be a good time to go and smash the machine (and the Ewok, just to be sure) and stop this whole mess from happening.

Nah, can't be bothered.

Child of Light and Nutjitsu continue to lead the completions, above titles with recent DLC, such as https://www.trueachievements.com/Peggle-2-Xbox-One/achi....htm and Ryse: Son of Rome.

Top Xbox One Games Completed

Oh, wow. We've landed in the 60s and everyone's gathering around us, offering us free drink, drugs and hugs. How friendly. And they're all so furry, like us! Good music too. I could get used to...wait...what's that smell!?! My goodness, haven't any of you heard of soap?

After a good long time on top, Dark Souls II begins to make its way down the table, dropping from 120 to 90 completions. With the exact same number of completions as Hitman: Absolution I guess it's still technically in (joint) first place, but it's the beginning of the inevitable decline for sure.

Top Xbox 360 Retail Games Completed

Cool, we're at the 1977 Super Bowl. What an amazing atmosphere. Look, people are placing their bets. It's great to...wait...who won the 1977 Super Bowl? Quick, pull up Wikipedia! Wait, no internet in 1977. And no knowledge of the past! Oh, crrrraaaaa

"Episode 3: In Harm's Way, the latest instalment of The Walking Dead: Season Two put the game securely back in first place with over 2,000 completions thanks to the ongoing trend of purely story-based achievements in the series. That leaves previous freebies Deadlight and Dust playing catch up on second and third, both with completions in the early 300s.

Top Xbox 360 Arcade Games Completed


Oh look, the Hindenburg exploding *sigh*

The boost in players and an easy completion pushes Temple Run 2 up from eighth to joint first alongside Angry Birds Rio (WP). The previous week's deal title, Rocket Riot (WP), turns up in the middle of the table with over 20 completions, which reminds me; this week's deal titles, Mass Effect: Infiltrator (WP) and Dragon's Lair (Win 8), are nowhere to be found.

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Oakland Raiders!!!!!!! Don't you just hate when that happens. Wait, when are we now? Maybe I can get a Sports Almanac in case we go back to another sports event. What's that you say Rufus? Oh, shove your morality and bang the thingy again.

Despite the limited release and free-to-play (i.e, grindy) status, Tentacles: Enter the Mind pulls in enough completions in sixth. Although, with that number being 12, I'd hardly call it a wow moment.

Top Windows 8 Games Completed

Achievements Won
66,441 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 711,518 achievements online between them (51,998 different achievements).

It's a Time Force fest as all the spots on the table are filled with time-bending goodness for doing all sorts of fourth-dimension twisting nutbaggery.

Speaking of which, I've noticed in all our travels that we seem to be carrying a little extra weight. Let me go check. Ah yes, we now have a raptor, a Victorian serial killer, a cyborg, a smelly hippy, a 70s football player and an angry naturalist seemingly tethered to us as we traverse the time tunnels.

Top Xbox One Achievements Won

Medieval England sure is a dismal place. I suppose it's all the plague and famine, but they could crack a smile once in a while. It's bumming me out. On the plus side, I do now own a pretty awesome suit of armour.

As with most "Games with Gold", Saints Row claims the clean sweep, despite a pretty significant drop off in earners between first (3,900) and bottom (730) place. I must draw attention to the fact that one of these achievements is for doing a "nutshot and testicle assault", which just sounds like a glorious way to spend an evening.

Top Xbox 360 Retail Achievements Won

Erm. Just opened the door into a room full of bewildered looking Germans at what looks like some kind of rally. Oh and there were some jackboots poking out from under the wall #justcrushedHitler #yolo

As always when one of these things drops, the latest Walking Dead episode claims the top eight spots with all of its eight achievements! leaving Dust in the...well, the dust.

Top Xbox 360 Arcade Achievements Won

I just saw what tomorrow holds in store for you. My condolences. No, no. I don't want to ruin it for you. Just...sorry.

The Snap Attack clean sweep this week exactly mirrors the list of achievements from last week. Although, when you look closer you see that the numbers are sliced by over two thirds.

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

Man, I could do with a drink right now. Oh, right, prohibition era America. Typical.

It's almost the same story on W8, but Treasure Hunt sneaks in there in fifth and eighth to disrupt proceedings.

Top Windows 8 Achievements Won

Ah, the old west. Perfect. I'm going to lure all of our extra passengers away from the treehouse and engage them in a bar fight with the local ruffians in order to start a Mexican stand off, then quietly slip away with the sounds of gunshots and screaming behind me. Back in a tick.

The top two spots see little in the way of movement this week, leaving Super Time Force free to impact Action and bump it up from fourth with 2.5 million to third with 3 million. This is helped by RPG also dipping from 3.6 to under 3 million. As often happens, Adventure gets a leg up on the table into ninth, thanks to the Walking Dead.

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre
  • Action-Adventure6,223,601
  • Shooter4,430,047
  • Action3,095,436
  • Role-Playing2,936,897
  • Sports1,187,017
  • Platformer1,118,993
  • Racing829,448
  • Puzzle799,201
  • Adventure689,619
  • Strategy330,000

Wait, I think we're back to our own time. And just in time for my History presentation. Hiiiiiiii-yah. Well, that's the time machine destroyed. What do you say, Rufus? Any major historical disruptions? Everything seem ok to you? Rufus? Wait, when did you grow so tall? And why are all the door knobs so high up? No. NO! NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Written by Chewie
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