Skype Gets Snap Calling Update on Xbox One

By Chewie, 4 years ago
Skype have announced that the Xbox One version of their app will be getting an update that allows Snap calling from within other apps. Previously you could only use the Snap feature to access other apps from within Skype, but now the reverse will be possible, so you'll be able to Snap a Skype call into your games, movies and more. You'll also be able to initiate group conversations by adding extra participants.

21/05/14 - Skype 1

21/05/14 - Skype 2

21/05/14 - Skype 3

21/05/14 - Skype 4

As well as this new feature, the Skype update also includes some small bug fixes, including a better start-up time.
Written by Chewie
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