Details For Xbox One June Update Revealed

By Andy Mills, 5 years ago
In a continuation of the monthly updates to the Xbox One, Microsoft has revealed today the new features that they plan to add in June. This one brings real names, external storage, and more SmartGlass features amongst other details.

Real Names

Now that we have the increased friends list - not to mention an infinite number of followers - it can be easy to lose track of who is who just by gamertag alone. How will your friends and followers remember that you are xXxSniperxXx and not xXxSnipaxXx? Hence, the introduction of the real names system. People will be able to see that you're Joe Bloggs, and not John Doe. However, it is entirely up to each user whether they choose to show their name to all their friends, a subset of them that they have chosen, or none at all.

Show real name option from June update

Choose who to show real name to from June update

External Storage Support

One of the most requested features for the One will now arrive in June - the ability to use external storage. Any 256GB or larger USB 3.0 hard-drive, once formatted, will be usable on the Xbox One, and can have games, apps, and add-ons stored on them. With hard drives filling up faster than ever, thanks to mandatory installs and an increasing amount of digital downloads, the ability to use two external hard drives will be a god-send to many.

External storage from June update

External storage ready from June update

SmartGlass Provides Access To OneGuide and more

The Xbox One itself isn't the only thing Microsoft are improving. The SmartGlass app is also getting a boost in June, too. Soon, you'll be able to organize pins, have more ways to compare achievements with friends, and the biggie, the entire OneGuide and Universal Remote Control experience will be usable on SmartGlass. This means that, in selected markets, you'll soon be able to view TV listings, record to DVR, switch channels, and control previous recordings, all from your tablet or smartphone. Speaking of those selected markets...

OneGuide Coming To More Markets

Come June time, OneGuide will be rolling out to every Xbox One owner in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Canada. This will also comes with an updated settings menu, allowing for better power management and compatibility with other devices.

Finally, amongst the reminder of the news from last week about Games With Gold on Xbox One and apps no longer requiring Gold, there is also the news that you shall now be able to set one profile to automatically sign-in. Personally, despite my love of demanding my Xbox sign me in via my voice (or appearance, when it wanted to), that last feature shall be the one that benefits me the most.

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