Minecraft Xbox One Details

By Megan Walton, 4 years ago
It's the news that you've been waiting for! Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will soon be upon us, and there is good news for both new and old players.

-Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will be released on Xbox Live Marketplace in August. It brings significantly bigger worlds and a greater draw distance than Xbox 360 Edition.
- It will include all the features from the most recent Xbox 360 title update.
- Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will cost $19.99.
- If you’ve bought Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition from Xbox Live Marketplace, or played online with the disc version, you will be able to upgrade to Xbox One Edition for $4.99.
- You will be able to upgrade for a minimum of a year after the release date.
- Players with Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition saves will be able to import their worlds to Xbox One. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to transfer saves from Xbox One to Xbox 360. We can make worlds bigger without too much stress, but shrinking them causes all kinds of problems.
- Cross platform play will not be possible between Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
- Many, but not all, of the DLC skins and texture packs you’ve purchased for Xbox 360 Edition will be available for use in Xbox One Edition. We’d like to say all your DLC would transfer, but some of the items are trapped in licensing deals that are too boring to get into here. We’ll have more on this soon.

So, there you have it. The game will be here in August, you can upgrade from you 360 version for a small fee, and most of the DLC skins will transfer across. This looks like good news all round!
Credit for this story goes to Fiatim
Megan Walton
Written by Megan Walton
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