Evolve Gets an October Release Date

By Keith Gray, 4 years ago
Turtle Rock Studios, the development team behind the Left for Dead franchise (under the guise of Valve), has recently been ramping up the media coverage on its latest co-op project, Evolve. The new game has been the subject of a teaser video and full trailer in the last few weeks, demonstrating the title's intense four-player battle action.

Today, Take-Two, the parent company of publisher 2K Games, has confirmed that Evolve will be released on October 21st, 2014 on the Xbox One platform.

In addition to the release date, the identity and attributes of the four hunters, who have the unenviable task of taking on the monster, have been revealed. Each member of the quartet has his or her own unique skill, and occupies a different character class, as explained below:

Hyde (Assault class) - Hyde carries a mini-gun capable of turning forests into tossed salads, but it’s his secondary weapon that does the most damage; a flamethrower built into his left arm, Hyde’s backup... is the game’s “shortest ranged, but most powerful weapon.” When not barbequing baddies from behind his butt-kicking appendage, Hyde can utilize his unique ability, Toxic Grenades, as well as his class-based Personal Shield.

Maggie (Trapper class) - On top of packing a Machine Pistol and Harpoon Traps, Maggie... can deploy Mobile Arenas; these cage-like domes are great for temporarily enclosing the target in a small space while your entire team attempts to fill it full of smoking holes. Maggie’s best asset on the battlefield, however, isn’t a hand-cannon, but a living, breathing companion named Daisy... a “big aggressive hyena,” the predatory pet (technically called a “Trapjaw”) is like a fifth, four-legged member of the hunter team. While it’s yet to be confirmed if Daisy can fetch your morning paper, we know she can sniff out the target and revive teammates.

Lazarus (Medic class) - New to the medic class is Lazarus, a sniper-rifle-equipped healer who uses more than bandages and ointment to bring his friends back from the brink. Sure, his Healing Burst class ability is a lifesaver, but it’s his aptly named Lazarus Device that literally allows the dead to rise; more effective than his class counterpart’s Medgun, this miracle skill can quickly turn the tables on a monster who thinks it’s transformed the map into a graveyard. Combined with his Personal Cloak, Lazarus’ ability to resurrect expired allies is as strategic as it is supernatural.

Bucket (Support class) - Rounding out the new recruits is Bucket, the only nonhuman hunter to be revealed so far. Possessing a Guided Missile Launcher and Sentry Guns, this snarky bot packs more high-tech toys than a Transformer. Even better than his violent skills, though, is his silent UAV ability; you see, Bucket can remove his head and control it like a drone to find and track the target—let’s see Optimus Prime do that! Of course, deploying his decapitated noggin also leaves him vulnerable, so activating his Cloaking Field is highly recommended when he’s sitting headless.
Stay tuned for more information on Evolve, as we're fairly certain that Turtle Rock Studios will have more footage to offer in the coming weeks and months prior to the title's release. In the meantime, you can still consider whether you want to pre-order Evolve to get the benefit of the "Monster Expansion Pack".
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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