Evolve Hunters Revealed and Explained

By Brent Johnson, 4 years ago
Just a few days ago, Turtle Rock Studios, the creators of Left 4 Dead, dropped details about four of the hunters that players can inhabit to track and kill a player controlled monster in Evolve. Now, a video has been posted that gives more in-depth information and shows off the some of the abilities and weapons these characters will have at their disposal. The video also includes a bit of information about a desert environment called The Dam.

Evolve is set on the planet Shear. Hunters are sent to the planet to clear it of hostiles so that it can be safely colonized. In this FPS, players can choose from one of four classes of hunters: Assault, Trapper, Medic or Support. Each class will have multiple characters, weapons and skins that can be unlocked. Working together, the party must track down, flush out, and destroy the monster.

If you are looking to unleash your inner Godzilla, you can also inhabit the monster. As the monster, you can hide from the hunters and interact with the environment to gain strength and heal yourself in between battles with your predators. Be careful however, as the environment can be harmful to both hunters and monsters.

The heart and soul of Evolve is the multiplayer aspect of the game, but there will also be a solo mode, although no information has been released about that side of the game.

Evolve is set for an October 21st, 2014 release and will be available for Xbox One.
Brent Johnson
Written by Brent Johnson
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