Gamer Spotlight: Randomnutta

By Aerodynamo, 8 years ago
Welcome to another installment of Gamer Spotlight. This latest installment arrives to us from the deep south. Think Southern Hempisphere south. From the great island that helps keep the Indian and Pacific Oceans from intermixing (we cannot have any of THAT going on around here), we bring you Randomnutta!

dropK1Ck ninJA: Randomnutta? Is that some type of warning? Watch out! Here comes a random nutter! Care to elaborate on your gamertag choice?

Randomnutta: Haha well my friends know me to be very random in what I say and do, which they call me crazy for, so my gamertag was a natural choice.

But if it was the natural choice, and you are a random person, you don’t live up to your gamertag, now do you? Tsk tsk.

Hmm that's a good point, part-time un-random moments?

How long have you been gaming? Can you provide us a bit of a background on your gaming education?

My gaming history is a long and sweet one, my parents both gamed and as of the age of two started sharing their passion with me. My earliest memory of a specific game was Sonic, haha. The loop scared me the first time.

WHOA! Parents that games and now you game! Why was the (I’m assuming Sonic the Hedgehog 1) loop in Sonic scary to you?

It was a mix of me thinking Sonic would die forever and the first time I saw the screen move so fast. I was five, okay?

Who said giving a girl nightmares is a bad thing?

What it is it like having parents that are gamers? Did they bring you up right? Start out with the Atari and move up the ladder?

We were a full house of gamers (my grandparents even got into it) and I can't imagine being raised any other way, my family couldn't have done a better job. We had one of everything, sometimes even two.

Do your parents have to buy multiple copies of the same game to keep everyone happy?

Well yes and no, I'm an only child so I'm always put first although I had two homes and because of that we had duplicates.

What is the most popular game in your household?

Hmm, in the long run I think World of Warcraft, but my partner only plays games part-time.

Are you good at gaming to the point where you can talk smack to your parents at the dinner table?

Dinner time was family time although we never had a set time for dinner because time was forgotten in game land.

I love to travel so I'd like to ask that if I was visiting Australia, where should I go? What is the one location to visit?

The Gold Coast for sure! Sun, sand and great shopping. I grew up in the state QLD and can't wait to go back.

I am not sure about shopping, but I am always up for sun and sand. Sand is always interesting.

As a prominent female gamer on the site, how do you feel about girl gamers getting the bum image? I mean you either only play Rock Band or HexicHD (I know is going to kill me for saying that). Do you find you get a lot of hazing gaming online?

Haha... Bum image? I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and no it has no effect on how others see me. I only really get on mic with my friends so it's rare when I'm online if they know I'm a girl so I'm just one of the guys, as far as they know. As for Rock Band and Hexic, I HATE Hexic and I traded Rock Band in =P

Fair enough. Since you hate HexicHD and you traded in Rock Band, what are some of your favorites for this generation? My Horse and Me? (I’m kidding!)

My Horse and Me is epic! Seriously though, I'm a big fan of RPG's. I love games like Beautiful Katamari, Guitar Hero and the CSI series on PC. I also play WoW when I get bored of the 360.

In all fairness, as a girl gamer, are you on the receiving end of some vulgar messages, taunting, and flirting? How do you deal with these jokers? A plasma grenade stuck to the back of their head?

I'm lucky I only receive a bit of flirting and I just ignore it. Most the people I play with online are gentlemen.

With 179 games on your gamercard, a 79% completion rate in your games is a solid completion percentage. How do you do you approach games for completion? Do you plan on completion?

I always want to complete a game but sometimes we all know it's too frustrating, I trade my games in before I'm done with them that's why there is a lot unfinished games on my gamertag. I'm slowly buying them back.

Any games that you look at your gamertag in disgust and think to yourself, 'maaannn I can finish that game easy', but you don’t? Perhaps something that has a bit of grinding? This is your platform, send out the pleas for help for boosting now!

I have plenty I could finish if I didn't trade them in, I have a bad habit of doing that but one game I can think of is Pimp My Ride.

You contribute all across the site. You are an active forum poster and provide a number of solutions. What is your proudest contribution to the website?

Definitely when I was a forum mod, I always love helping situations and it was a pretty badge, haha.

Any other pretty badges you have or would like to see added? Perhaps a different color scheme for girl badges over boy badges?

Hey your girl/boy badge is a good idea, yes. I want that!

Whoa! Whoa! Not my idea! I saw it as one of your status messages! I swear!

If we could further evolve the website, what would you like to see change in the community?

DLC to be counted as a separate amount. I would love to see competitions and star reviews where Rich sends me free games!

When you say DLC counted as a separate amount do you mean as an entirely different title. Not grouped together with the main game itself?

I mean how the system was set up before when DLC was counted as the amount of people have the game not how many people have the DLC.

Your avatar has recently gone wild, much of a soccer (football) fan?

I just wanted to show off how much I love my Aus-land and I actually like the teams colours.

And that concludes another installment of the Gamer Spotlight! See you next week, TA