Homefront: The Revolution Announced

By Marc Caccamise, 4 years ago
The now-closed Kaos Studios' FPS Homefront offered a glimpse into the reality of what an occupied America could be like. Under the plausible narrative of a reunified Korea becoming a world power, the resulting invasion of the United States put the country on its knees to a force that overpowered the stunned American military. Although the campaign proved to be too short to really hammer this reality home, Crytek and Deep Silver, who will be co-publishing the newly announced Homefront: The Revolution, will look to change this.

Homefront: The Revolution 6

Set in Philadelphia, four years after the Korean People's Army had taken control, the situation looks even bleaker than before. The city has become a police state and the might of the military occupation has made open warfare a nullified option. Therefore, true guerrilla warfare, like the original Homefront had heavily advertised, is the only viable plan of attack for the resistance fighters in the city. Traversing this occupied city will be much different than before, as the layout of individual levels has been ditched in favor of an open-world adventure, allowing players to move from district to district and engage in firefights with the enemy along the way.

Hasit Zala, Game Director at Crytek, spoke on the announcement of The Revolution:
Homefront: The Revolution stands out from the crowd by immersing players in a world where they'll feel emotionally compelled to fight for their freedom. We're very excited to work with Deep Silver and deliver an experience that underlines Crytek's commitment to quality whilst tapping into the huge potential we saw when we first acquired the Homefront IP.

Gamers will not have to fight back against their Korean occupiers alone this time as The Revolution will support up to four players in online co-op gameplay. A lot of emphasis has also been placed on the fact that your actions in the city will have an impact on future events. Whether it's knocking a camera with a brick, or blowing up a security wall, there will be different outcomes for your actions. An ever-changing city, along with an enemy that continues to react differently to certain circumstances, could provide a very sporadic and unpredictable environment.

Here are a few more screens from today's announcement:

Homefront: The Revolution 1

Homefront: The Revolution 9

Homefront: The Revolution 8

Homefront: The Revolution 7

Homefront: The Revolution 5

Homefront: The Revolution 4

Homefront: The Revolution 3

Homefront: The Revolution 2

The game is being developed by Crytek's Nottingham studio and will take advantage of the latest CryEngine technology to create a living, breathing Philadelphia. The rights to the Homefront franchise were acquired by Crytek after THQ went bankrupt and had its assets auctioned off in 2013. The Revolution is the first entry into the franchise under Crytek's new ownership.

The battle for freedom will ignite again when Homefront: The Revolution releases on the Xbox One sometime in 2015.
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