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By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
Announced back in April this year, Blue Estate, developed by HESAW, finally sees a chunk of details released that we apparently all "need to know". Viktor Kalvachev, author of the Blue Estate comic books, who also works at HESAW, attempts to sum the comic book inspired rail shooter up in four points. Let's see what the maker has in store for us!

1. Blue Estate – the comics behind the game

Blue Estate is a critically acclaimed and award-nominated graphic novel, and has been created by myself and Kosta Yanev. Blue Estate was published by Image Comics a couple of years ago with the graphic novel coming out this September.

In a Tarantinoesque noir style narrative, a clueless private eye stumbles into tense relations between several LA crime organisations. Blue Estate is a high-octane adrenalin mix of violent comedy, tangled alliances, mistaken identities, desperate heroes, ruthless villains, bad decisions and maximum firepower.

The inspiration for the whole universe comes from the movies of Guy Ritchie, Tarantino and Elmore Leonard. The game is a prequel of Blue Estate Season 1.
Blue Estate Comic Strip 01

2. A crazy story with crazy characters

Blue Estate aims to be a fun title full of humorous, unpredictable and ridiculous events. The game will feature two playable characters, Tony & Clarence. As detailed in the announcement article, Tony is on a mission to save the best dancer of his strip club, Cherry. Despite Tony pretty much hating everyone in his world, Cherry is the only person of whom he is fond. Tony sets out to take on his rival gang, "The Sik Bros", and save his damsel in distress.

Unfortunately, Tony dives head first into a battle he has a ridiculously slim chance of winning but, luckily, Clarence (the game's second playable character) is here to assist in the matter. Clarence is nothing like Tony at all and he is trying to build up enough money to save his mum's house from being foreclosed. With money on his mind, Clarence is a force not be messed with thanks to his previous experience as a part of the Navy Seals.

Blue Estate Comic Strip 2

3. Some not-so-kind enemies

The enemies may not be kind in Blue Estate but they will certainly be decorated with different weapons, attack techniques and patterns, and apparel. Enemies will attempt to shoot and/or melee the game's protagonist. Some enemies may play it smart and shoot from a distance, timing it right to hit you as you aim to hit them. Other enemies may foolishly charge at you but end up making themselves easy targets in their comfy and not-so-resistant cotton t-shirts, while the more intelligent enemies will storm you in heavy armour, making them a much tougher target to take down.

Blue Estate Comic Strip 3

4. A killing spree is always better when shared!

I personally enjoy a killing spree all to myself to be honest. More points, more kills, more blood spilt... all thanks to ME. However, if you're not as selfish then the featured local co-op multiplayer will be right up your street. Each player's gun is not visible in co-op; you will only see two crosshairs. The co-op experience promises to be of high difficulty and, in order to survive, players will need to team up with a tactical, quick-firing and precise co-op buddy if they want to make it through each level. To add the cherry on top of the co-op cake, players can enjoy the scoring system where points will be awarded for special kills, such as "headshots, nutshots, multiple combos", and more.

A new trailer is soon to be released for the title in which we will hopefully receive a good dose of gameplay action. As per usual, keep your eyes glued to the front page of TA for when the trailer does release.

Blue Estate will be releasing on the Xbox One. The release date is still yet to be announced.
Ashley Woodcock
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