Falling Skies Officially Announced

By Marc Hollinshead, 4 years ago
Right at the end of March, Little Orbit confirmed two titles that are currently in development, one of which is Falling Skies. Based off TNT's TV series of the same name, the title promises engaging tactical gameplay and an immersive story-driven experience.


The human race is once again on the brink of annihilation and guess whose job it is to stop it? That's right, you! Players will be jumping in this world gone wrong and command a squad of survivors who were recently rescued and recruited into the human resistance, ready to fight for the planet's survival. Throughout the game, the entire team will be engaging in tactical covert operations against the Espheni as well as rescuing and recruiting more survivors for the cause.

As players join the 2nd Mass, they will take part in a never-ending list of missions and fight enemies including Mechs, Skitters and Harnessed Humans. Due to the huge amount of unlockable skills and upgrades for your characters, there will be different ways to approach the game-changing objectives. Each mission will never feel the same either, thanks to the dynamic enemy AI and map randomisation. President of Little Orbit, Matt Scott, had this to say about the game to get us ready for what's to come:

Our goal for Falling Skies is to recreate the humanistic elements from the television series so that players can grow with the characters as they play through intuitively designed strategies. We want to bring that same character driven storyline derived from the series to the game all while making it easy to navigate for every player.
To accompany these details, ten screenshots have appeared to give us an idea of what we'll be engaging with:

June 3rd screen 1

June 3rd screen 2

June 3rd screen 3

June 3rd screen 4

June 3rd screen 5

June 3rd screen 6

June 3rd screen 7

June 3rd screen 8

June 3rd screen 9

June 3rd screen 10

Falling Skies is scheduled to release this Autumn on XBLA.
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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