Costume Quest Announced

By Saint Devourer, 8 years ago
Last month, when asked if he was working on a sequel to 2009's Brutal Legend, Tim Schafer said that his studio, Double Fine, are working on a total of four games. Four games seems like a lot, you may be thinking, but the first one was announced today, and it seems that they're downloadable titles. The first one: Costume Quest, a casual themed RPG with a halloween theme published by THQ.

Costume Quest is the "brainchild" of Double Fine's Tasha Harris. The game places you into the role of a little boy or girl who is searching for their lost little sister in spooky suburbs, amusement parks, and malls. The combat itself appears to be reminiscent of games like Super Mario RPG, with each particular attack or action mapped to a button. And, as far as visuals go, it's set from an isometric viewpoint and features a cel-shaded art style.

Costume Quest is set for a "halloween" release on the XBLA. Here's a screenshot to hold you over until then.

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