Beyond Flesh and Blood Announced

By Marc Hollinshead, 4 years ago
With their Greenlight Campaign well underway, which is getting more and more support, indie developer Pixelbomb Games are able to reveal their third person sci-fi shooter, Beyond: Flesh and Blood. The next-gen shooter will see players blasting through multiple levels of hostile scavenger forces and mutating enemy threats in a mission to reclaim Earth, starting with the dystopian city of Manchester in the North West of England, where the developers themselves are based.

While in the post-apocalyptic Manchester, players will be hijacking advanced multi-ability combat rigs and fighting all sorts of enemies with mech weaponry. Pixelbomb Games promise fast-paced gameplay that is sure to push any shooter fan's skills to the limit. There aren't any other notable details at this stage, but the devs are hoping to see a thumbs up from the Greenlight community as the free demo approaches next month.

A large batch of images has also been released with the announcement for you to marvel at, twenty two to be exact:

June 6th screen 1

June 6th screen 2

June 6th screen 3

June 6th screen 4

June 6th screen 5

June 6th screen 6

June 6th screen 7

June 6th screen 8

June 6th screen 9

June 6th screen 10

June 6th screen 11

June 6th screen 12

June 6th screen 13

June 6th screen 14

June 6th screen 15

June 6th screen 16

June 6th screen 17

June 6th screen 18

June 6th screen 19

June 6th screen 20

June 6th screen 21

June 6th screen 22

To finish, a trailer has been revealed which shows off some of that fast-paced gameplay we've been promised:

Beyond Flesh and Blood is expected to be released shortly after the PC version later this year on Xbox One.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Beyond: Flesh and Blood achievements.
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