Rumour: Gearbox Developing Duke Nukem Forever

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Oh Duke, you'll never cease to put a smile on my face.

Fresh out of the rumour mill is the news that Duke Nukem Forever is apparently still in the making, being handled by none other than and developer Gearbox Software, picking up development where 3D Realms left off - though god knows how much, if anything, they completed in the twelve years they were "working" on it.

This rumour comes from Kotaku, citing an anonymous source for their information. So there's no confirmation whether it's true or not, but there is some believability behind it. Gearbox had previously been outed as the developer of the since-cancelled spin-off game Duke Begins via court documents from Take-Two's lawsuit with 3D Realms, so they have definite (albeit unreleased) history with the franchise. Not only that, but two of Gearbox's founders - Randy Pitchford and Brian Martel - worked at 3D Realms during the 1990's, back when the studio actually made games.

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Take-Two Interactive still hold the publishing rights to the game, and also wholly own 2K - who published Borderlands last year, which just adds more credence to the rumour.

According to Kotaku's unnamed source (check the external link below), there will be a playable demo of DNF available by the end of this year, which would be completely astounding if true. They also got in touch with Pitchford about the rumour, who decline to comment but hinting that Gearbox may be able to clarify the situation more at this year's PAX Prime, scheduled for September 3rd-5th.

Personally though, I hope the game is never made. I genuinely hope that it always remains as perpetual vaporware, permanently stuck in limbo - never released, but never killed completely. The joke is just damn too good to be ruined by the game actually being released.