Dead Rising 2 EU/AUS Release Brought Forward

By zigs00, 8 years ago
As if the European-exclusive Outbreak Edition of the game wasn't enough, on top of the recent news that Europe is Getting Dead Rising 2: Zombrex Edition, Capcom have just announced that the release date for Dead Rising 2 has been brought forward a week for us on the lucky side of the pond.

Previously announced as October 1st, the game will now release in Europe and Australia on September 24th! According to the press release, this will make use the "the first in the world to slice, smash, burn, shoot, kick, stab, chop, throw, explode, run down and ridicule the thousands of zombies that have infested Fortune City.

Capcom have confirmed that the North American release remains as September 28th (a whole four days later!), and the Japanese release is still September 30th. Sorry guys, Capcom loves us more than you!

Likewise, this also doesn't affect the Dead Rising 2: Case Zero release date, which is still scheduled to hit the Marketplace on August 31st, for the low price of 400 MSP. As you might be able to gauge from the link in that last sentence, we now have definitive confirmation that Case Zero will have achievements, worth 200G, just so you know!