Rock Band 3 Road Challenges Detailed

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Harmonix have posted a new entry to their website regarding new features coming to Rock Band 3. Titled Road Challenges, Harmonix say it will combine Quickplay's simplicity with the "narrative scope of the Tour mode" bundled with some unique twists.

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In essence, you progress from tiny gigs to larger venues such as stadia, with the ultimate venue of outdoor festival being attainable. The difference however, lies in the structure and progression of the play. Whereas Tour Mode was a "sprawling campaign," this new feature is presented via "ten concise Road Challenges." These challenges come in different sizes, so Harmonix say there's something for everyone, whether it be a three hour challenge, or grabbing a quick game before you head out.

Each gig contains the chance for bonuses by achieving certain goals, with successful completion allowing your band to earn more 'spades' (the measure of success when playing - i.e. a 'spade' per star earned for each song plus any bonuses earned).

Harmonix offered up details on the kinds on bonus scenarios you'll be tasked with;

* "Overdrive Overdose." Earn your bonus by deploying Overdrive as many times as possible. It doesn't matter how long each Overdrive deployment lasts - the greater the number of Overdrive deployments, the larger the bonus

* "Streakmania." Build your bonus with each streak of notes (or vocal phrases) achieved by any member of your band. Consecutive streaks grow the bonus at an even faster rate.

* "Share the Spotlight." Band members take turns performing "in the spotlight." When you're in the spotlight, you're under pressure to achieve a note (or vocal phrase) streak. Doing so hands off the spotlight to another band member. Your bonus grows with each successful hand-off.

* "All for One." If all band members play with high accuracy within a song section, your bonus increases. But if even one member fails to make the cut, then no bonus is gained - you'll have to try again in the next song section.

* "Overdrive Streak." Here, you're rewarded for using Overdrive without breaking streak. The more notes (or vocal phrases) you can streak while deploying Overdrive, the bigger the bonus.

* "Overdrive Chain." This one's about deploying Overdrive for as long a time as possible. Band members can extend their Overdrive time by "chaining together" deployments - so long as one or more players is deploying, the chain continues to build. Longer chains translate to bigger bonuses, so coordinate with your band to time your deployments appropriately.
Road Challenges are tied to a bands career allowing you to unlock additional items, such as clothes, instruments and such, and of course new and more difficult Road Challenges as you upgrade your band vehicle.

Harmonix's post didn't clarify what on Earth 'spades' are used for, and whether Road Challenges would be offline or online co-op (or both), or accessible in solo play. All in all however, they sound pretty pleased with their work:

These gameplay variations are the most novel, unique aspect of the Road Challenges mode. Our motivation was to inject new life into our core gameplay while keeping it familiar and uncomplicated.