Tales from the Borderlands Cast Details

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
While we still don't have confirmed platforms for Tales from the Borderlands, we do have confirmation of some of the actors that will be voicing the game's characters. Nerdist revealed that Chris Hardwick, most recently of Sanjay and Craig fame, will be voicing Vaughn. Vaughn is the best friend of main character Rhys, who in turn is voiced by Sam Witwer (Being Human).


Other voice actors that have already signed up are Nolan North (everything under the sun) and Patrick Warburton (Family Guy). They will be joined by some of the cast from the Borderlands series, such as Dameon Clarke, who voices Handsome Jack.

More details are sure to follow from E3 over the next couple of days, so keep an eye on TA for the latest information!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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