Shiness to be Kickstarted to the Xbox One

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
Through the magic of popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter, French developers Ynnis Interactive have promised to create an Xbox One version of their upcoming fantasy RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. Having raised approximately $140,000 with the help of over 3000 backers, achievement hunters will be able to experience what's promised as "the beginning of a great and bright adventure" in the Sky Islands, with a focus on the schism between the races of Humans, Sheiks and Waki. This particular epic will follow the tale of two Wakis named Chado and Poky, whose flying boat makes unexpected landfall onto a very dangerous island.


The game, which is billed as being something between a "dynamic fights’ manga" and an RPG, will allow the player to travel a fantastic world with up to five characters, while defending themselves with an array of both martial and mystical arts. The characters will also need to work together in particular ways to solve various puzzles. A deep reputation system will be incorporated into the game to make your choices matter, and most intriguingly, an entirely new language was devised to really flesh out the universe.

While the PC and Mac versions have been promised to arrive at the start of 2015, the developers have not so far hinted at its release window on Xbox One. Stay tuned!

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