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By Michelle Balsan, 4 years ago
Unlike many of the ID@Xbox titles featured at E3, we've already had a bit of an introduction to Bongfish's racing/shooter hybrid, Calibre 10 Racing Series. If Bongfish sounds familiar, that's because they developed one of the Dorito's "Unlock Xbox" titles, Harms Way.

Calibre 10 is a spiritual successor to Harm's Way. In the game, four teams of two will compete against each other to be the first to cross the finish line. Each team will consist of a shooter and a driver, and both must work together effectively if they hope to claim victory.

Several of the game's features were also detailed by the publisher.

Evolution in Motorsports - A major catastrophe throws the world into chaos, giving rise to a new breed of motorsports combining cutting edge automotive and military weapons technology, where driver and shooter work as one to claim C10 Championship glory.

Calibre Class Vehicles - Drivers get behind the wheels of Calibre class concept vehicles, from speed king supercars to rugged off-road mechanical masterpieces, designed by real world industrial designers.

Calibre Class Turrets - Shooters take control of the world's most advanced ballistic weaponry including: sniper turrets with EMP rounds to Missile pods with Kinetic Warheads, to lay waste to opposing teams.

Calibre Class Tracks - Teams will hit the starting grid on the most well known tracks on the C10 Racing Circuit.

Communication is Key - Only the teams with the highest of skill and communication will rise through the ranks on the C10 circuit.
After soaking in all that text, you probably want to relax and just enjoy some stills, which we conveniently have here for your viewing pleasure.

Calibre 10 E3 Screen 6

Calibre 10 E3 Screen 7

Calibre 10 Racing Series will be released on Xbox One at an as-yet-unannounced date.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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