Plague Inc: Evolved Screens Get Under Your Skin

By Chewie, 4 years ago
One of the unique titles to come out of the ID@Xbox self-publishing for independent developers program at this year's E3 was Plague Inc: Evolved, which first started life as a popular mobile game. The strategy title, in which you play as a virus intending to infect and wipe out the world's population before a cure is developed, was first announced alongside a trailer. Today we follow that trailer with screens showing the different sections of the game, including designing the disease's type, symptoms, carrier and infection methods, individual country status and that all-important world map, with which you can track where your disease is spreading to and just how much of the population is falling to your sickness.

11/06/14 - Screen 1

11/06/14 - Screen 2

11/06/14 - Screen 3

11/06/14 - Screen 4

11/06/14 - Screen 5

11/06/14 - Screen 6

More details on Plague Inc: Evolved are sure to infect us soon.
Written by Chewie
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