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By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Earthlock: Festival of Magic puts players in the middle of a catastrophic event in the world of Umbra. The planet has stopped spinning, dormant volcanoes have awoken and oceans have moved, causing entire kingdoms and civilizations to drown. One side of the planet is permanently exposed to the hot sun, while the other side suffers through a dark winter. The Umbra that its citizens loved now lies in ruins.
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In an attempt to build a new world, people have to scavenge for treasures taken from the ice, sea and sand. The rich and powerful can use ancient technology and magical artefacts. The new civilization is divided into those who use magic and those who rely on technology. The game's protagonist Amon must bring peace to the warring factions by rebuilding his base on Plumpet Island, gathering allies, solving puzzles and defeating the monsters that roam the world.
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The turn-based battle system pairs a warrior and a protector together in a party. Warriors make use of ammunition and items. Protectors perform spells, such as healing and shields, which cost Support Points. These points build up when the pair takes damage. Players can choose between several warrior and protector combinations to tweak character stats and special pair actions.
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On Plumpet Island, players can harvest consumables and manage their characters' progression. As players progress through the game, more shops and items become available that, in turn, add new skills, such as potion brewing, barnacle care and weapon upgrades.
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Here's a previously-released trailer showcasing the game in action:

Developer Snowcastle Games is hoping to have the game finished by Q2 2015.
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