Sam & Max Coming to XBLA

By GameTagwastaken, 9 years ago
Remember three weeks or so ago when TellTale Games announced that Wallace and Gromit were coming to XBLA and we all talked about how cool it would be to see Sam and Max make the jump too since the interface would likely be similar. Today, TellTale announced that the first two seasons of Sam and Max would be getting new names and coming to XBLA.

The official name for season one will now be "Sam & Max Save the World" and season two will now be known as "Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space." The official reason for the change is TellTale wanted to give the games more flavorful names that describe the plot. Okay, whatever. According to the press release they will be available only in season form, not as individual episodes. The important thing is that the official release date has moved up from "someday" to "soon." When concrete info on day and pricing become available we'll have it here.

Finally, they also revealed that Official Xbox Magazine's next issue will have a preview of Sam & Max.