NHL 11 Demo A Few Days Away

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
If you've been wanting to size up this years NHL offering from EA, then your chance will soon arrive, as the NHL 11 demo is set to be released August 17th (US) and August 18th (EU). This was announced as part of a live producer chat over at the official NHL 11 website.

So what opportunites, limitations and rewards await you in the demo? One of the main attractions is the chance to take a look Hockey Ultimate Team as producer Nathan Ng explained;

What is included in your HUT will be a starter pack, with a mix of prospects and some rare cards. You will get to play through an offline tournament. In each portion of the tournament bracket you get to play will be the 3rd period of the game. If you you win, you move on. If you lose, you start from the beginning of the tourney.

Prior to each game you will be given the opportunity to edit your lines and improve your chemistry along with applying training cards that you will also receive after each game, win or lose. You will earn pucks, however, you will not be able to purchase any card packs in the demo. They will be provided to give you an idea of how you will gain pucks in the mode with the full game.
This sounds like a rather generous helping of hockey action for a demo, but there's more on top of this. If you play the demo, or complete the offline tournament, you will be awarded a pack of cards which are then unlocked when you purchase the full version. Additionally, just for inviting a friend to play the demo you can earn a second pack of cards. Taking into account you full retail version of the game comes with one free pack of Hockey Ultimate Team cards too, there's the chance to begin your Ultimate Team career with a total of three packs of cards. Nathan pointed out the the team you used in the demo, is n't transferable to the full game.

The demo also includes a peek into, Battle for the Cup dropping you in to a Philadeplphia Flyer and Chicago Blackhawks match up at a Game Seven scenario in the third period. The scoreline is not fixed and will change every time the demo is played, and the player may take control of either team.

To recap, NHL 11 demo releases August 17th (US) and August 18th (EU).

If you'd like some more information on the aforementioned Ultimate Team mode, this Youtube video from EA should help clear some things up.

Credit for this story goes to Woodenstar7