E3 Survives Alien Isolation

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Alien: Isolation was yet another title to make an appearance at E3 this year. Along with a playable demo of the title, Creative Assembly took the time to introduce a couple of new features for the game.

The first is the addition of human survivors. They also find themselves struggling to survive on the abandoned space station. Their desperation makes them unpredictable -- they may react positively to another friendly human face, or they may be aggressive.
E3 Screen 11

As well as the humans, there are the Seegson Synthetics too. These have a human appearance but are actually "rudimentary, bio-mechanical creations". They may be able to help you, but they could also be a hindrance. They are extremely durable as they were built to last. They won't be easy to take down so try not to antagonise them.
E3 Screen 2

E3 Screen 3

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E3 Screen 12

The final new feature was the game's crafting system. Players can use items and components that they find and turn them into a more useful tool or device. Use it at the right time and your chances of survival are increased. The Noisemaker is an electrical device that has two speakers on each end. When it is thrown, it makes a lot of noise to draw the attention of nearby enemies. This allows players to slip by without being noticed.
E3 Screen 1

E3 Screen 7

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E3 Screen 13

Of course, the real question is whether you would be able to use these features to survive?

If you can't watch the trailer, we have a few more screenshots for you:
E3 Screen 5

E3 Screen 6

E3 Screen 8

E3 Screen 9

E3 Screen 14

E3 Screen 15

Those of you who have a little more time may want to listen to this interview with the game's Creative Lead Al Hope as he details the concepts behind the game and provides a gameplay demonstration:

Attempt to survive the horror on the space station when the title is released on October 7th.
Rebecca Smith
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